01 February 2018

Tokyo 東京 | Top 5 Cafes You Should Visit

This city is well known for many things related to finance, industrial businesses and fashion design but one thing that isn't popular about it is the rich coffee culture it has, many coffee lovers flock there to enjoy some of the best specialty coffee. Tokyo’s first coffee shop opened in 1888, so you can understand by now why it is considered one of the world's coffee capitals.

"According to survey results released by the All Japan Coffee Association, Japanese were consuming 11.13 cups of coffee per week in 2014, the largest amount since the organization started the study in 1983. An average of 10.73 cups was consumed in 2012 and 10.03 in 2002, according to the survey."  The Wall Street Journal 

1- Café Kitsuné

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2- Blue Bottle 

3- Heart's Light Coffee

4- Artless Craft Tea & Coffee

5- Onibus Coffee

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Photo Credit: Onibuscoffee, Kitsune Cafe, Artless Craft Tea & Coffee, Heart's Light Coffee

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