19 February 2018

Khobar الخــــبر | Top 5 Places to have coffee + Eat

Khobar is one of the main cities of the Arabian Gulf, along with it's sister cities Dammam and Dhahran it has played a historic role in the development and wealth of Saudi Arabia for decades. The Eastern Region is where the oil that is exported to the whole world is from and because of that many international & local companies have been based here for more than 60 years which has given Khobar the opportunity to create it's own diverse cultural identity and harmonious vibe.

The western coffee concept here is quite new since most of the established ones were the global coffee chains that opened in the early 2000s, companies such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee and many more have changed the way people drink coffee in the city but recently we have seen a new wave of local coffee businesses lead by young entrepreneurs who brought their love for good coffee to almost every corner, which is a great boost for the local coffee culture and economy.

Pattis France بــــاتي فرانـــس

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Sunroom Cafe and Restaurant صـــــن رووم

Three Seeds Coffee ثـــــري سيـــــدز

• S E V E N • سيفــــــــــن
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Qaf Coffee Roasters  

محمصة ومقهى قاف

Photos: Qaf Coffee Roasters , Seven, Sunroom Cafe and Restaurant, Three Seeds, Pattis France
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