19 February 2018

Khobar الخــــبر | Top 5 Places to have coffee + Eat

Khobar is one of the main cities of the Arabian Gulf, along with it's sister cities Dammam and Dhahran it has played a historic role in the development and wealth of Saudi Arabia for decades. The Eastern Region is where the oil that is exported to the whole world is from and because of that many international & local companies have been based here for more than 60 years which has given Khobar the opportunity to create it's own diverse cultural identity and harmonious vibe.

The western coffee concept here is quite new since most of the established ones were the global coffee chains that opened in the early 2000s, companies such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee and many more have changed the way people drink coffee in the city but recently we have seen a new wave of local coffee businesses lead by young entrepreneurs who brought their love for good coffee to almost every corner, which is a great boost for the local coffee culture and economy.

Pattis France بــــاتي فرانـــس

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Sunroom Cafe and Restaurant صـــــن رووم

Three Seeds Coffee ثـــــري سيـــــدز

• S E V E N • سيفــــــــــن
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Qaf Coffee Roasters  

محمصة ومقهى قاف

Photos: Qaf Coffee Roasters , Seven, Sunroom Cafe and Restaurant, Three Seeds, Pattis France

17 February 2018

Dubai | AMAL AL RAISI - SS2018

Amal Al Raisi is set to present her Spring/Summer 2018 Capsule collection at London Modest Fashion Week on February 17th, 2018. In association with SABCO Group, Amal Al Raisi’s runway show will open the two day event taking place at Victoria House, London featuring her feminine and sophisticated collection inspired by the Sultan Qaboos Rose. 

London Modest Fashion Week is a two-day celebration of style featuring runway shows, presentations, exhibitions, talks, shopping, music and film. 2017 saw the first ever Modest Fashion Week held at The Saatchi Gallery in London. Innovative and groundbreaking for the industry, the event created an international platform for modest designers to showcase their collections on the catwalk.

‘I’m thrilled to be launching my Spring/Summer 2018 Capsule collection at London Modest Fashion Week on February 17th. The event is wonderful opportunity to present my collection in London and build my brand presence in the market. It’s an honour to represent Oman and celebrate the modest fashion movement that’s finally gaining the attention it deserves. I would also like to thank SABCO Group for their continued support and for making this opportunity become a reality!’ Says Amal Al Raisi, Creative & Managing Director, Amal Al Raisi.

ABOUT AMAL AL RAISIIt’s been 9 magnificent years since Amal Al Raisi started working in the fashion industry. Under the name of ‘Dar Al Aseel’, she first started designing traditional Omani dresses and went on to create abayas and jalabiyas. In 2015, Amal decided she was ready for a new fashion venture. She added a ready-to-wear line and changed her brand name to ‘Amal Al Raisi’. The RTW collection has a modern aesthetic and follows the international fashion calendar, while the capsule collection consists of kaftans, jalabiyas and abayas. Both collections mirror each other so the inspiration, fabric and colors are the same and can therefore be styled together, combining modern silhouettes with traditional styles. Amal Al Raisi’s collections are a tribute to women that are feminine but not delicate. Amal admires today’s power woman who prioritizes family but also pursues her dreams. Both collections are produced in Oman and overseen by Amal herself to ensure the highest quality and an impeccable finish. Amal’s ultimate goal is for her pieces to be worn far beyond the borders of Oman. 

Follow Amal Al Raisi:
Website: http://www.amalalraisi.com/
Instagram: @amalalraisiofficial
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DarAlaseel/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/DarAlaseel
Snapchat: @byamalalraisi


09 February 2018



Following all the positive changes in women’s rights under Saudi Vision 2030, ShoesandDrama.com, ​founded by Saudi entrepreneur & fashion editor, Marriam Mossalli is proud to announce the launch of ​UNDER THE ABAYA: Street Style from Saudi Arabia, an initiative and book that will be announced at ​the Art Books Jeddah Fair ​from February 8th – 11th, 2018 in Athr Gallery,​ in partnership with​ Cadillac Saudi Arabia. This book intends to expose the Saudi female’s unique versatility through a series of photographs, submitted by the women themselves and their photographers. Her adventurous style, enigmatic persona, and how she celebrates this newfound era of fashion independence are revealed and celebrated within its pages. A peephole into the unique regional fashion scene, ​Under the Abaya presents our fashion, but more importantly the woman wearing it—the progressive Saudi woman who has always existed but has yet to be revealed to the world. This book hopes to rectify that by showcasing her true individualism, embedded in her heritage and fully confident with her own sense of cultural identity.  

Photo Credits: Lina Mohammed, Khaled Yousef Aldakheelallah, Orjwan Almohammdi, Lina Qummosani, Abrar Hassan, Amirah Turkistany, Nasiba Hafiz, Marriam Mossalli, Manal AlKholidan

Under the Abaya is produced by ​Niche Arabia, in partnership with ​Cadillac Saudi Arabia, and published by local Saudi publishing house,​Kholoud Abdulrahman Attar Publishing House (KAAPH). ShoesandDrama.com will launch the first edition of the book at Art Books Jeddah Fair in Athr Gallery, Serafi Mega Mall Street, Al Faisaliyah, 5th Floor, Office Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia;        along with the website,​www.undertheabayaksa.com ,​which will continue the initiative long after the book launch.  

Proceeds from the book will be dedicated to Niche Studio's Fashion Design Scholarship Fund,​ which offers scholarships to aspiring fashion design students in financial need. Art Books Jeddah​ is an initiative of the newly formed Misk Art Institute, conceived by Ahmed Mater with the support of the Misk Foundation. In partnership with Edge of Arabia, The Crossway Foundation and Fully Booked, Art Books Jeddah will act as the central gathering point for those interested in art publishing for the arts community in Jeddah, and Saudi Arabia in general.  

For more information, please contact ​info@nichearabia.com​. 
Website:​ ​www.undertheabayaksa.com​ | Publisher:​ ​http://www.kaaphsa.com/ 


03 February 2018

SHIATZY CHEN Spring Summer 2018



People in the past forged a route to the west, creating opportunities for dialogue between Eastern and Western culture and art. Walking along the boundless, history-steeped Silk Road, gazing ahead toward the future, one’s imagination runs free, crossing the boundary between dream and reality and entering a space where fantasies become real. The SHIATZY CHEN design team started off this season by embarking on a journey to embrace this dream. What they saw on the road became seductive symbols that allowed them to translate the dream into clothing. This season, as in the past, features exclusively designed theme fabrics. Surrealistic brushstrokes were used to recreate the beautiful scenery of the Silk Road; the co-existence of day and night in the artwork is especially enchanting. The integration of natural elements such as light and shadow, rippling water, breeze, and trees present a unique view of the world. The collection also incorporate elements of 1930’s neoclassic style in the graceful lines of the long skirt, lively casual in long or short pants, sportswear and romantically flowing outer garments. All these elements can be mixed and matched to create many pieces, like colorful flowers in full bloom, with soft lines allow for a graceful ease of movement. This collection features free, flowing silhouettes in bright, contrasting colors, relax and comfortable shape with a drape feeling of straps embellishment. Wonderfully weighted ties and detailed embellishments add polish to the glossy fabrics and delicate sheer silks. Like the reflection of the lake, this mesmerizing collection perfectly interprets the meeting point between the classic essence of East and West. - DesignScene

Photos: Shiatzy Cheen, Designscene

01 February 2018

Tokyo 東京 | Top 5 Cafes You Should Visit

This city is well known for many things related to finance, industrial businesses and fashion design but one thing that isn't popular about it is the rich coffee culture it has, many coffee lovers flock there to enjoy some of the best specialty coffee. Tokyo’s first coffee shop opened in 1888, so you can understand by now why it is considered one of the world's coffee capitals.

"According to survey results released by the All Japan Coffee Association, Japanese were consuming 11.13 cups of coffee per week in 2014, the largest amount since the organization started the study in 1983. An average of 10.73 cups was consumed in 2012 and 10.03 in 2002, according to the survey."  The Wall Street Journal 

1- Café Kitsuné

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2- Blue Bottle 

3- Heart's Light Coffee

4- Artless Craft Tea & Coffee

5- Onibus Coffee

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Photo Credit: Onibuscoffee, Kitsune Cafe, Artless Craft Tea & Coffee, Heart's Light Coffee

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