22 January 2018

LONDON | Top 5 Cafes You Should Visit

We all love a good coffee place. However, we also love to go to places that are the best for a little Instagram post. Finding the combination that does a good coffee and the best post is a bit of struggle that we all go through sometimes, for your ease we are bringing for you the 5 best places in London for coffee and your Instagram.


"Aubaine has many branches in London, our personal favorite is the one in Selfridges because you get a delicious cup of coffee to start your day shopping day with the most beautiful view ever."

 2- Farmgirl

"The best place in Covent garden, filled with many coffees enhanced with delicious flavors such as Rose, Liquid Gold, Matcha, and Hibiscus with a relaxing environment."

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 3-  Peggy Porschen

"Major love for this café, it is small yet cozy in Victoria. A definite stop for a delicious coffee and chat time."

 4-  Elan Café

"A new hit in Park Lane, Delicious coffee and beautiful surrounding for the perfect Instagram post."

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A post shared by Élan (@elan_cafe) on

 5- The Coffee Jar

"Perfect spot for your quick meetings and coffee breaks. The Coffee Jar in Camden is sending us major productive goals." 

 By: Sana I Shah - @Sishahslookbook

Photo Credit: The Coffee Jar, Aubaine, Peggy Porschen, Elan Cafe, Farm Girl

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