29 January 2018

Collection| Baruni’s Autumn/Winter 2018

Baruni’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection embodies modern femininity through bold colors, sporty styles and relaxed tailoring. Inspired by extreme stormy weather, the collection entitled ‘Resilience’ references lightning flashes, strong winds and wild sea waves, represented in the fabrics, silhouettes and color palette.

Vivid storm colors of midnight blue and red are fused with soft tones of lilac and white. Utilizing fluid fabrics to create movement, the designer incorporates ruffles, frills and pleats for a playful touch. Silhouettes range from A-Line styles with sharp collars and cuffs to sporty, relaxed shapes with hoods and capes. Unique textures are offset with smooth materials while a structured organza fabric with silver and blue threads represents the eye of the storm to bold effect. Bold, captivating and energetic, Baruni’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection truly reflects the brand’s sporty chic aesthetic

About Baruni

Created by Fadwa Baruni, whose influences are drawn from the structured world of engineering, her professional career in Europe and her North African heritage. Trained in art and fashion design at Edinburgh College of Art, Fadwa combines strong fashion sensibilities with her earlier training in engineering to design a collection that displays sophisticated, clean lines and sharp tailoring, all constructed for ease and fit. Over the years Fadwa has been strongly influenced by regional and local cultural influences as well as the colours and textures of nature, developing a signature style for the Baruni Collection. Recent collections have drawn their inspiration from the desert and from the presence of the sea. Strong colors, cuts and fabrics characterize the Baruni collections, creating a distinctive style which is building a growing following in the region.The Baruni Collection is designed for the woman who enjoys a full life and who requires a wardrobe to suit, whether relaxing at home with family or socializing with friends.

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