16 September 2018

20 May 2018

Style | Interview: Latifa Bint Saad

Meet Latifa Bint Saad, a stylist who has an interesting take on fashion, she is one of the very talented people in Saudi Arabia's crowded artistic and stylish scene at the moment and she is paving her way to success quite swiftly.  Latifa is Najdi by blood but grew up in Jeddah which is also where she has spent her entire Primary/Secondary educational years before deciding later on to move to London in order to pursue her love for Fashion Communications and Styling.  I decided to ask her a few questions to find out more about her and what she's planning to do in the near future..

1. How and when did you develop an interest in fashion styling?

I know that this is such a generic answer, but I’ve always been interested in fashion, at a young age I used to sketch clothing for fun, however at 10/11 years old I knew that my love for fashion was not in the design side but rather something different which I couldn’t pinpoint yet. I grew up in a creative household where creativity and imagination were encouraged (my father is a poet and artist) and I’m grateful for that because I got to develop my creative skills quite early on.

Also something that many people might not know about me is that I started my styling journey at age 13, working as a styling assistant for a well-known fashion house in Jeddah called @hekayatoffical, Alia and Abeer the designers saw this spark in me that anyone else would just diminish, they really nurtured me and gave me the creative freedom to experiment at such a young age with little to no experience. I worked for them for almost 4 years then we decided to part ways and to this day they
are my number 1 supporters.

2. Which street-style city is your favorite during fashion week?

This may sound completely unconventional, but I’ve been loving the street style in Tbilisi. With many fresh designers exhibiting extremely innovative collections unlike any of the notorious 4. It’s a mix of everything and is quite diverse in styles thus isn’t quite restricted as the other cities.

3. What is your personal style?

I can’t really explain it, it’s sort of more monochromatic. I tend to stick with blacks, whites, and greys and usually with more menswear tailored garments such as suits. My friends always joke that I dress like Diane Keaton in "Annie Hall", which is quite accurate just with less color.

4. Can you tell us who your style icons are?

With that said (Refer to Question 3) my style icons have no relation to my personal style. I chose to embody their overall vibe and aesthetic in my decorum. They include Cher, Diana Ross, Diana Vreeland, Jane Birkin, Catherine Deneuve, Elizabeth Taylor, Bianca Jagger and Yoko Ono. I would just like to say that I have an obsession with Studio 54 so that’s why I choose to gravitate towards pioneers in the disco genre.

5. In your opinion, do you think style can be taught or are you simply born with it?

I believe it to be both in a way. As I trust that taste is more genetic, while style evolves over time.

6. When you have free time, what do you like to do?

There is a quote by one of my fashion icons Diana Vreeland where she says, “the eye has to travel” and I try to incorporate that in everything I do. Even during my free time, I love to explore and study the environment that I’m in. Activities I enjoy are reading or listening to podcasts. On a sunny day I love to explore the city you’ll never know what you’ll find, meet and understand in the process. As you can tell from my Instagram stories I love going to museums and art exhibits I find them to be such a visual form of inspiration for my work, with one of my upcoming projects inspired by the MISK exhibition in the Phillips auction house.

7. What are your favorite trends for SS18?

For me I’m a person that does not believe in trends, I believe it is just cognitive response to the over saturation of a specific garment, pattern or accessory etc.. that results in one’s behavior to replicate. Originality and innovation is always key!

8. Can you tell us about your future projects?

I currently finished working on a project with photographer Taha Bageel which we were fortunate enough to shoot in the historic Balad District… I’m sorry I can’t really disclose more than that at the moment but will hopefully share the results soon so stay tuned.

Interviewer: Amal Ismail - Photos: courtesy of @Latifabintsaad and @Oa.ph


16 May 2018

B Classic – Riccardo Tisci’s Debut Collection for Burberry

"The featured teaser images above and below are the standout pieces from the upcoming SS19 Pre-Collection designed by the Burberry design team, which includes the trench coat, quilted jacket, car coat, poncho and kilt."-Highsnobiety

05 March 2018


Inspired by Persian rugs and their mystical beauty, Bthaina’s latest collection entitled Persian Spell references the elaborate patterns and vibrant colors of the traditional carpets. Blending bold colors, exquisite hand embroidery and fluid silhouettes, the collection evokes a sense of elegant splendour. Vibrant hues of royal blue, emerald green, forest, amethyst and blue grey make up the bold color palette. Fluid kaftans and jalabiyas feature embellished capes, multi coloured tiered layers and fluted sleeves. Gold thread is exquisitely embroidered into flower patterns while hand embellished sequins adorn tulle layers. Combining intricate details with traditional styles, Persian Spell epitomizes mystical femininity and timeless elegance.

The look book was shot on location in Oman, with special thanks to Anantara Al Jabal Al Akhdar Resort.

For more information visit: www.bthaina.com
Follow Bthaina:Instagram: @bthainaoman
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/bthainaoman


19 February 2018

Khobar الخــــبر | Top 5 Places to have coffee + Eat

Khobar is one of the main cities of the Arabian Gulf, along with it's sister cities Dammam and Dhahran it has played a historic role in the development and wealth of Saudi Arabia for decades. The Eastern Region is where the oil that is exported to the whole world is from and because of that many international & local companies have been based here for more than 60 years which has given Khobar the opportunity to create it's own diverse cultural identity and harmonious vibe.

The western coffee concept here is quite new since most of the established ones were the global coffee chains that opened in the early 2000s, companies such as Starbucks, Costa Coffee and many more have changed the way people drink coffee in the city but recently we have seen a new wave of local coffee businesses lead by young entrepreneurs who brought their love for good coffee to almost every corner, which is a great boost for the local coffee culture and economy.

Pattis France بــــاتي فرانـــس

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Sunroom Cafe and Restaurant صـــــن رووم

Three Seeds Coffee ثـــــري سيـــــدز

• S E V E N • سيفــــــــــن
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A post shared by • S E V E N • (@eatatseven) on

Qaf Coffee Roasters  

محمصة ومقهى قاف

Photos: Qaf Coffee Roasters , Seven, Sunroom Cafe and Restaurant, Three Seeds, Pattis France

17 February 2018

Dubai | AMAL AL RAISI - SS2018

Amal Al Raisi is set to present her Spring/Summer 2018 Capsule collection at London Modest Fashion Week on February 17th, 2018. In association with SABCO Group, Amal Al Raisi’s runway show will open the two day event taking place at Victoria House, London featuring her feminine and sophisticated collection inspired by the Sultan Qaboos Rose. 

London Modest Fashion Week is a two-day celebration of style featuring runway shows, presentations, exhibitions, talks, shopping, music and film. 2017 saw the first ever Modest Fashion Week held at The Saatchi Gallery in London. Innovative and groundbreaking for the industry, the event created an international platform for modest designers to showcase their collections on the catwalk.

‘I’m thrilled to be launching my Spring/Summer 2018 Capsule collection at London Modest Fashion Week on February 17th. The event is wonderful opportunity to present my collection in London and build my brand presence in the market. It’s an honour to represent Oman and celebrate the modest fashion movement that’s finally gaining the attention it deserves. I would also like to thank SABCO Group for their continued support and for making this opportunity become a reality!’ Says Amal Al Raisi, Creative & Managing Director, Amal Al Raisi.

ABOUT AMAL AL RAISIIt’s been 9 magnificent years since Amal Al Raisi started working in the fashion industry. Under the name of ‘Dar Al Aseel’, she first started designing traditional Omani dresses and went on to create abayas and jalabiyas. In 2015, Amal decided she was ready for a new fashion venture. She added a ready-to-wear line and changed her brand name to ‘Amal Al Raisi’. The RTW collection has a modern aesthetic and follows the international fashion calendar, while the capsule collection consists of kaftans, jalabiyas and abayas. Both collections mirror each other so the inspiration, fabric and colors are the same and can therefore be styled together, combining modern silhouettes with traditional styles. Amal Al Raisi’s collections are a tribute to women that are feminine but not delicate. Amal admires today’s power woman who prioritizes family but also pursues her dreams. Both collections are produced in Oman and overseen by Amal herself to ensure the highest quality and an impeccable finish. Amal’s ultimate goal is for her pieces to be worn far beyond the borders of Oman. 

Follow Amal Al Raisi:
Website: http://www.amalalraisi.com/
Instagram: @amalalraisiofficial
Facebook: www.facebook.com/DarAlaseel/
Twitter: www.twitter.com/DarAlaseel
Snapchat: @byamalalraisi


09 February 2018



Following all the positive changes in women’s rights under Saudi Vision 2030, ShoesandDrama.com, ​founded by Saudi entrepreneur & fashion editor, Marriam Mossalli is proud to announce the launch of ​UNDER THE ABAYA: Street Style from Saudi Arabia, an initiative and book that will be announced at ​the Art Books Jeddah Fair ​from February 8th – 11th, 2018 in Athr Gallery,​ in partnership with​ Cadillac Saudi Arabia. This book intends to expose the Saudi female’s unique versatility through a series of photographs, submitted by the women themselves and their photographers. Her adventurous style, enigmatic persona, and how she celebrates this newfound era of fashion independence are revealed and celebrated within its pages. A peephole into the unique regional fashion scene, ​Under the Abaya presents our fashion, but more importantly the woman wearing it—the progressive Saudi woman who has always existed but has yet to be revealed to the world. This book hopes to rectify that by showcasing her true individualism, embedded in her heritage and fully confident with her own sense of cultural identity.  

Photo Credits: Lina Mohammed, Khaled Yousef Aldakheelallah, Orjwan Almohammdi, Lina Qummosani, Abrar Hassan, Amirah Turkistany, Nasiba Hafiz, Marriam Mossalli, Manal AlKholidan

Under the Abaya is produced by ​Niche Arabia, in partnership with ​Cadillac Saudi Arabia, and published by local Saudi publishing house,​Kholoud Abdulrahman Attar Publishing House (KAAPH). ShoesandDrama.com will launch the first edition of the book at Art Books Jeddah Fair in Athr Gallery, Serafi Mega Mall Street, Al Faisaliyah, 5th Floor, Office Tower, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia;        along with the website,​www.undertheabayaksa.com ,​which will continue the initiative long after the book launch.  

Proceeds from the book will be dedicated to Niche Studio's Fashion Design Scholarship Fund,​ which offers scholarships to aspiring fashion design students in financial need. Art Books Jeddah​ is an initiative of the newly formed Misk Art Institute, conceived by Ahmed Mater with the support of the Misk Foundation. In partnership with Edge of Arabia, The Crossway Foundation and Fully Booked, Art Books Jeddah will act as the central gathering point for those interested in art publishing for the arts community in Jeddah, and Saudi Arabia in general.  

For more information, please contact ​info@nichearabia.com​. 
Website:​ ​www.undertheabayaksa.com​ | Publisher:​ ​http://www.kaaphsa.com/ 

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