09 August 2017

Seoul 서울 | Top 5 Cafes You Should Visit

I started this series of Instagram cafes because of my personal interest in finding exceptional cafes around the world, and what easier way than using an app that we all use on daily bases, in fact, most of the great places that I have been to for the past 2 years were spots that I have found on Instagram so let's start the cafe list with Seoul, this is a city that is known for many amazing things and most notably one unique aspect of it is the amount of hip, conceptual cafes they have and if you ever decide to go to a new cafe every day it will probably take you some years to accomplish that as there are more than 18,000 cafes in Seoul.

1- Bover Lounge

A post shared by Bover Lounge (@bover_lounge) on

A post shared by Bover Lounge (@bover_lounge) on

2- Onion Cafe

3- Plant Cafe

4- D.Throne Concept Store Cafe

5- One in a Million Cafe

Photo Credits: Bover Lounge, Onion, Oneinamillion, d'throne, plant
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