06 April 2014

Designer Interview | Hussein Bazaza - SS2014 Collection

We will introduce you to one of the Middle East's brightest designers and to a collection that is modern yet classic and with silhouettes & fabric selections that compliment every woman's figure,  Hussein Bazaza brings most of his artistic elements to the table this season and that is why we have decided to get to know more about him and his craft..

1-Tell us about your experience with the Starch Foundation in Beirut?

Starch Foundation was mainly the door for myself and other designers to showcase and become a part of the emerging young designers’ community in the region.Starch initially supported me with arranging my first fashion show in the region as a part of Fashion Forward and launched my brand in Dubai.

2- You were one of our favorite designers during Fashion Forward, tell us more about it and will you be showing your new collection in April?

Thank you for choosing me as one of your favorite designers, I loved being part of Fashion Forward season one and two. Season two was very special for me, as I showcased my "335" collection, everything was perfectly set and the organization of the event was exceptional. I am not participating in this season of Fashion Forward, as I have been very busy with something very exciting, which will be announced very soon.

3- How did you feel when you won the Elle Style Award for best upcoming designer?

Great! I felt so honored to receive such prestigious industry award for the Best Upcoming Designer, I was literally speechless and couldn’t gather the words when I was given the microphone.

4- Where do you go when you need inspiration for a new collection or does it all just come to you by chance?

I don't seek inspiration, inspiration comes along from nothing sometimes, mostly my inspirations are very related to chemistry, biology, personal emotions and feelings.

5- From your professional point of view, what does it take to be a good designer?

Believe in yourself, believe in the people that surround you. Be realistic, as we all live on earth.

6- Do you plan on having a Menswear collection?

I don’t focus on Menswear currently, but whenever I can't find anything to wear, I create things to wear for myself.

7- Describe your personal style?

It's creatively wearable and dramatically romantic.

8- What are your future projects.

I have very exciting plans for my brand, currently I can’t give any information, but there will be announcement coming out soon in the media.

SS2014 Collection

Posted by: Amal Ismail
Photos: courtesy of designer Hussein Bazaza

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