23 February 2014

Fashion Week | One Model's Story - Serena Archetti

Meet Serena Archetti, a young, smart and ambitious model from Italy who has transformed a dream of hers into a reality. We noticed her strong presence in designer Stella Jean's SS2014 spectacular show last year and wanted to know more about her journey in the crazy modeling world, we hope that her story can inspire you to go ahead and chase those dreams and passions you have, no matter how hard they may seem now..

1- How did you start in fashion? 
Modeling is my dream since I was a child. When I finished school I went alone to Milano to look for a modeling agency, even though I didn't know very well how it all works, then I started to work very hard between castings, shootings, commercials and small catwalks. So now I've been modeling for one year but in the first days of September I wanted to change something about my job to try to arrive at a higher level, I went to an important fashion agency in Milano and represented myself, soon after they chose me. I'm very happy about that.

2- You were one of our favorite models during the Stella Jean Show, tell us more about your  experience in that show..
It's so great to read that I was one of your favourite models. I can that the Stella Jean Show was a beautiful experience for me. It wasn't my first time on a catwalk but it was my first time to walked in such an important place, because it was held at Armani theater. Stella is a very nice and sensitive person, I can remember that at the end of the show she cried from happiness. Working in fashion week has always been a great thing but, it's really difficult to explain to others how much it is exciting to be walking on a very important catwalk. The preparations are the longest part of everything. We must be perfect and the hairdressers/make-up artists are just so fast and nervous because they have a very important role in all this, you can't lose yourself control easily. The model also has a very important role, during the preparations and when others put the clothes on your body, you understand that everybody are there for you and you must show them your best. When it was my time to walk I saw so many people around me and in the end of the catwalk I saw like a million photographers, on the inside I was so excited but I was also very focused. Wearing Stella's clothes was really great because I loved the looks and when you like the clothes that you are wearing it's easier to show others your best on the catwalk.
3- What is your absolute favorite moment on the catwalk?
I think that my favourite moment is when the man who organizes models turn in the backstage says: "Serena Go!" and then I go so fast to the catwalk and see people, photographers and that where all lights are on me and for me, it's a situation that you can only imagine when you are waiting backstage, it's your time! a really amazing feeling when you live it. 

4- From your professional point of view, what does it take to be a good model?
For sure a good model must have a healthy life, basically always having time to do sports and it's really important to have a good life style. Sleeping enough hours every night is so essential so you can have enough power and energy the next day to go through castings, shoots..etc. Models work with their body and they travel a lot so it's important to be very quick and always on time. I also think that a model must be determined and sure of herself because if you aren't, you can't show your best to the clients and others.
5- Describe your personal style, are there certain brands you love wearing?
My style is very sheer, I don't use too much make up and I never choose striking clothes. I preferer to be very natural and for this job it's essential to look natural, of course sometimes I like wearing amazing dresses and clothes for my job, I dream of wearing them in my personal life sometime. My favorite brands are Cavalli and Armani, the styles are so dashing and chic, like the way I am. 

6- Name three things a model must be during fashion week..
A model must be quick, diligent and concentrated. 

7- What are your future projects...
Now I'm modeling but in future I want to see more of the fashion world and modeling, I'd like to emerge even more and on a higher level. I hope to realize my dream one day because I'm trying to do my best for it. 

You can follow Serena on Instagram: @SERENAARCHETTI

Photos: courtesy of serenaarchetti,cosmopolitan,fashionmodel.it
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