07 December 2013

Fashion Video | PREMIER AMOUR CHAPT V " Les Notes Bleues "

Shyne Ousmane is back with yet another dreamy video of his AMOUR video collection 
and this time with one of our favorite fashion icons in the far east Mademoiselle Yulia 
About this chapter Shyne says "Les Notes Bleues –The sumptuous Suite of the W Hotel Opera in Paris are the ideal setting of this melancholic and decadent video directed by Shyne Ousmane  for his website "Premier Amour", featuring the iconic Mademoiselle Yulia. On this video, we really wanted to bring out of the ultra festive and colored world of Mademoiselle Yulia and to have a new facet from her, a little more intimate and close. Filmed by Les initiés"


Style Report | Dubai Gems - Madiso Accessories


Born in Islamabad, Pakistan. Madiha was always impressed and influenced by the raw nature around her, driving her towards developing her artistic skills, and essentially her organic aesthetic. She came to Dubai, UAE in 2001, and has worked in multiple disciplines of art over the past 12 years. Dubai has played an important role in her artistic existence and development, enabling her to gain wide knowledge and awareness through its multicultural and ever evolving state. Madiha now, with many years of experience and creative ability, launches her  very own label, ‘MADISO.

‘MADISO’ is primarily a fashion accessories brand. Each piece is a unique formation of organic shapes that are carefully hand worked and hand embroidered on silk fabric. These creations are one of a kind and cannot be reproduced identically. A vast range of materials are carefully sourced for every individual piece, ranging from semi precious stones to chains, beads, crystals, acrylic, metal, mesh, pearls, and much more. Each design is a personal expression of ideas and narratives, thoughtfully planned and put together, before being hand sewn and hand crafted. The whole collection, from the smallest detail to the final creation, is a complete work of art and a labour of love.
Last October Madiso was part of  Fashion Forward Season2 garden designers where she showed her unique and handmade pieces, she also made a runway exclusive collection for the amazing  Essa Walla which included headpieces, belts and more marvelous items. 

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