26 November 2013

News | Abaya Brand Haal Inc.To Celebrate A New Phase

From what started as an experimental project, it is now the innovative contemporary wardrobe staple contributing towards the changing face of the Abaya. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia [November 23, 2013] – Fate made an appointment on Monday, November 25th from 8pm–10pm in the prestigious shopping area of Al-Rawdah in Jeddah for garment designers Mariam Bin Mahfouz and Nouf Hakeem of renowned brand Sotra to host the store grand-opening event of their new brand, Haal Inc. with a special invite-only list of attendees. The new Saudi based contemporary abaya company whose innovative cuts and audacious abstract detailing has become a wardrobe staple just shortly after being piloted in 2010. The 500-attendee event celebrates a balance of contemporary tradition at the meticulous new designed store space with a showcase of five new designs from Haal Inc.’s upcoming collection. “We've been thinking of opening a store for Haal Inc. for a while, but we had stopped looking for a good 8 months when nothing we wanted was available. We then received a phone call from a realtor we had contacted for Sotra’s store which was our dream location at that time telling us the location we were interested a few years ago is currently available. The first thing that came to us ‘This is fate!’”
The designers behind Haal Inc. came about the brand organically through an experimental project in 2010 and it quickly gained success within a very short period of time equal to that of its sister and Saudi based brand Sotra launched in 2006. Haal Inc. is edgy but well-balanced between the traditional and the contemporary that has also become a weight in the evolution of the Abaya for its audacious appeal in a light-hearted manner celebrating textures, shapes, colors and lines. Haal Inc. characterizes itself through distinction and as the heroine of time for the confident woman who distinguishes herself through the traditional with accents of minimalism, asymmetrical dares and innovative sophistication.
Haal Inc.’s celebrated physical presence initiates with hand written invitations in artistic Arabic calligraphy guarded in abstract shapes for the dignitaries. The request of presence includes a captivating image of a model suspended in thought wearing a new element from Haal Inc.’s collection and standing before four men in white thobes. Indeed, it is an image with a collection of interpretations. Perhaps one may be the suspended equilibrium of the self in between the muteness of the white thobes and the escapism of Haal Inc.’s bold boundaries. The invitation is addressed to the lady; a tenacious but not surprising motion on behalf of Haal Inc.’s. This affair is for the heroine and men are requested to reserve themselves in the silence of white thobes. The ambiance infusion includes the scent of Arabic coffee with cardamom – the linguistic root meaning of Haal Inc., blue hydrangea flowers—honoring the essence of color, and classics Arabic sounds made contemporary such as Mohammed Abdu. Inviting sounds of Masafeeg with background music mirrors the partial essence of Haal Inc. As the women and men get acquainted with their newly absorbed environment, the white marbled tabletop will call for the attendee’s sense of taste. Its eatery menu includes cheese canapés topped with a slice of olive, refreshing kadi water, juice and traditional appetizers honoring the Saudi heritage such as Hneini, falafel drizzled with tamarind sauce. A symphony always ends in a perfect silence; a palatable dessert option of date cheesecake squares and Arabic coffee infused with cardamom and saffron. It’s a tradition that exchanging a gift will increase the love for one another; Haal Inc. serenate its invitees with a book-like package enclosing one of its accessory pieces. Upon opening, the timeless words by Rumi will whisper themselves and beneath their breath an item in representation of unity; a black lightweight cotton snood for both women and men. It is an item that represents a connection between two distinctions meeting in a timeless realm.

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