17 November 2013

LMA Loves | LAMBERT Jewellery - SS2014

Emerging out of Brisbane, Australia, is a designer jewellery brand that flirts with the luxurious.With a strong passion for aesthetics, designer Jessica Lambert created the label in late 2012 with a focus on all pieces being meticulously hand-made from her Brisbane atelier. Jessica, a self-taught designer, has formal training in photography from the Queensland College of Art, Australia. Having worked extensively as a stylist and fashion photographer, Jessica now entwines her love of aesthetics into a jeweled tapestry of visual panache. “The vision for LAMBERT is to create a brand that is visually unique in both its design and branding. LAMBERT isn’t just jewellery, it’s the exploration of my imagination” Jessica explains. With geometric shapes and intricate detailing, LAMBERT provides its wearer with unique pieces reflective of a visual conversation between old-world glamour bijoux and modern architectural lines. The attention and over-whelming response to LAMBERT in its early stages, continues to increase. This support has resulted in a collaboration with fashion designer George Wu for his 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival show. LAMBERT has also recently been requested and photographed by prestigious international fashion magazine Elle Italia in New York City. Alongside the main collection, LAMBERT also offers a custom-design service for bridal and special occasion dressing.
The latest and second collection from LAMBERT, entitled Series 2014.1, is an exploration of geometrics and intricate layering. Designer, Jessica Lambert, drew inspiration from art movements, urban landscapes and traditional costume jewellery but more directly straight from the chosen materials themselves. In contrast to the debut collection’s focus on organic stones and tribal bead-work, Series 2014.1 has a strong affiliation with metal pieces and highly- considered design detail. Absorbing influences from architecture and mechanical elements, Series 2014.1 results in strong visual lines and patterns that present an almost engineered-like construction to their aesthetic. Jessica’s design ethos is driven by the way each singular material can be worked and re-worked to create a design that is fresh and innovative from even the most basic elements. Every piece of LAMBERT is a statement design that is hand-made from the brand’s own atelier. This focus on craftsmanship is the essence of the LAMBERT story and clearly evident in the latest collection offering. With an undeniable sophistication that flirts with shapes of tribal adornment and opulent glamour, LAMBERT brings a new wave of high-end designer jewellery to the Australian and International market.
Instagram: lambertdesigns - Email: info.lambertdesigns@gmail.com

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