26 November 2013

News | Abaya Brand Haal Inc.To Celebrate A New Phase

From what started as an experimental project, it is now the innovative contemporary wardrobe staple contributing towards the changing face of the Abaya. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia [November 23, 2013] – Fate made an appointment on Monday, November 25th from 8pm–10pm in the prestigious shopping area of Al-Rawdah in Jeddah for garment designers Mariam Bin Mahfouz and Nouf Hakeem of renowned brand Sotra to host the store grand-opening event of their new brand, Haal Inc. with a special invite-only list of attendees. The new Saudi based contemporary abaya company whose innovative cuts and audacious abstract detailing has become a wardrobe staple just shortly after being piloted in 2010. The 500-attendee event celebrates a balance of contemporary tradition at the meticulous new designed store space with a showcase of five new designs from Haal Inc.’s upcoming collection. “We've been thinking of opening a store for Haal Inc. for a while, but we had stopped looking for a good 8 months when nothing we wanted was available. We then received a phone call from a realtor we had contacted for Sotra’s store which was our dream location at that time telling us the location we were interested a few years ago is currently available. The first thing that came to us ‘This is fate!’”
The designers behind Haal Inc. came about the brand organically through an experimental project in 2010 and it quickly gained success within a very short period of time equal to that of its sister and Saudi based brand Sotra launched in 2006. Haal Inc. is edgy but well-balanced between the traditional and the contemporary that has also become a weight in the evolution of the Abaya for its audacious appeal in a light-hearted manner celebrating textures, shapes, colors and lines. Haal Inc. characterizes itself through distinction and as the heroine of time for the confident woman who distinguishes herself through the traditional with accents of minimalism, asymmetrical dares and innovative sophistication.
Haal Inc.’s celebrated physical presence initiates with hand written invitations in artistic Arabic calligraphy guarded in abstract shapes for the dignitaries. The request of presence includes a captivating image of a model suspended in thought wearing a new element from Haal Inc.’s collection and standing before four men in white thobes. Indeed, it is an image with a collection of interpretations. Perhaps one may be the suspended equilibrium of the self in between the muteness of the white thobes and the escapism of Haal Inc.’s bold boundaries. The invitation is addressed to the lady; a tenacious but not surprising motion on behalf of Haal Inc.’s. This affair is for the heroine and men are requested to reserve themselves in the silence of white thobes. The ambiance infusion includes the scent of Arabic coffee with cardamom – the linguistic root meaning of Haal Inc., blue hydrangea flowers—honoring the essence of color, and classics Arabic sounds made contemporary such as Mohammed Abdu. Inviting sounds of Masafeeg with background music mirrors the partial essence of Haal Inc. As the women and men get acquainted with their newly absorbed environment, the white marbled tabletop will call for the attendee’s sense of taste. Its eatery menu includes cheese canapés topped with a slice of olive, refreshing kadi water, juice and traditional appetizers honoring the Saudi heritage such as Hneini, falafel drizzled with tamarind sauce. A symphony always ends in a perfect silence; a palatable dessert option of date cheesecake squares and Arabic coffee infused with cardamom and saffron. It’s a tradition that exchanging a gift will increase the love for one another; Haal Inc. serenate its invitees with a book-like package enclosing one of its accessory pieces. Upon opening, the timeless words by Rumi will whisper themselves and beneath their breath an item in representation of unity; a black lightweight cotton snood for both women and men. It is an item that represents a connection between two distinctions meeting in a timeless realm.


23 November 2013

Designer Focus | Interview: Aziz Humaid - SS2014 Collection

 Aziz Humaid SS2014 - Marie Claire

Aziz Humaid's young and revolutionary mind is something you will notice not only from his collection but also after reading his answers for this interview, a confident man with a sharp intellect and a vivid imagination, these are only few words that describe him, I will leave you to discover the rest on your own. -Amal Ismail 
How would you like to introduce yourself to our readers...
My name is Aziz Humaid and I'm a design enthusiast. 

When did you decide to be a fashion designer?
It was in July 2009. A seemingly ordinary night out in Jeddah totally changed my direction. At that time I was studying abroad majoring in Graphic Design, but If you have been doing graphic design since the age of 11, studying it in college won't suffice. I was hungry for more but didn't know where to look, on the summer break I went back to Saudi for a family visit, I was out with friends one night, shopping for inspiration I think, and we passed by a fabric store, I was curious so I went in. I would like to use the word 'magical' to describe it, that moment I had my revelation, surrounded by colors and textures, the feeling was incredible. I never thought about fashion before, I cared about style but that night another world of possibilities opened its door. I realized the potential of this medium, it flamed me. I left the fabric store knowing that I've just took a step further into my personal evolution, just when I was considering architecture, fashion happened. So I went back to study fashion design.  Unlike graphic design, painting and poetry the things that interest me the most, fashion design embodies them all. A painting on the wall is a sad thing to me, why not have it move around, give it a chance in living somewhere else. In the beginning fashion design was an artistic expression, I cared much about my personal expression which was great, as I was beginning to learn the trade. It taught me direction, but it's more than that. If you look long enough, you see that fashion is interconnected with everything, it's one of the most incredible mediums that reflect the quality of living. It reflect change, aspire change and contribute to the quality of our experience. You can do so much with fashion, I believe. And with this incredible medium I would like to share the present moment, to aspire for the future and to totally be.  
Did you have any collections before this one, if yes how many collections and where are they now?
Yes, many for that matter. They are in suitcases in a small storage room in Riyadh. "Creatures of the Dark," I call them. They were the victims of excessive experimentation.

Why did you choose to be a women's ready-to-wear designer?

Freedom and creativity. There are too many restrictions in designing for men.  
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backstage photos  from Aziz Humaid's show
Tell us about this collection, the inspiration, the silhouette, the colors...etc
BLACK GOLD is the title of this collection. I wanted to say that women in Saudi are the black gold, the treasures and pillars of the Kingdom, not oil. Strong silhouettes and formfitting designs are used to reflect the independent and empowered individual. Looking into contemporary architecture and art, I worked with straight cuts and experimented with asymmetry and contrasting paneling. This collection is strictly black and white, I wanted to emphasize the theme and attitude of the designs without the distraction of colors. I drive my aesthetics from minimalism to reflect the contemporary and empowered women. This collection was the beginning.

Are you satisfied with the feedback so far?
We had positive feedback and people really connected with the collection. I'm very pleased.
Who was your  biggest supporter during this process? 
I've been blessed with an incredibly supportive team, and working with "Niche Arabia" who made it all happen.

What is next for you and for the brand?
I'm currently working on the next collection. Exciting times are ahead.

We also asked Niche's "a Saudi based luxury consultancy firm" owner Marriam Mossalli about her mission in the region and plans for the designer.. 

What is Niche Arabia's plan for Aziz Humaid?
Our plan is to continue to nurture the Aziz Humaid brand, as we've been doing since it's inception, both from a creative and strategic perspective. With our years of experience and our network of international industry professionals, Niche Arabia is all about making sure Aziz Humaid follows an international standard of execution, we're not taking any short cuts. Our goal is to make the Aziz Humaid an international name in the contemporary fashion world. Niche Arabia has been in the business of helping international brands penetrate the Saudi market. With Aziz Humaid, we're exporting our culture and showcasing the true talent of the Kingdom. 

After this great success with Aziz would Niche Arabia be looking for new Saudi designers to support for the next Fashion Forward Season or any other fashion events?
Yes!! Niche wants to be the Isabella Blow for Saudi, which means we're always on the look out for our next McQueen! We pride ourselves in supporting our country's emerging talent! It's all about creating a community of support and expertise. For the designers, we want talents who have something to say, it's all about having a unique perspective, whether it's through apparel or accessory design. Niche hopes to continue to mentor and sponsor one Saudi talent every fashion season.

For more info. about Aziz Humaid: Click Here
Questions: Hussa AlTubbaji - Editing: Amal Ismail
Collages: Lamodarabia.com - Photos: courtesy of Aziz Humaid, 
Souad Herve, Fashion Forward, Marie Claire, Lamodarabia.com

17 November 2013

LMA Loves | LAMBERT Jewellery - SS2014

Emerging out of Brisbane, Australia, is a designer jewellery brand that flirts with the luxurious.With a strong passion for aesthetics, designer Jessica Lambert created the label in late 2012 with a focus on all pieces being meticulously hand-made from her Brisbane atelier. Jessica, a self-taught designer, has formal training in photography from the Queensland College of Art, Australia. Having worked extensively as a stylist and fashion photographer, Jessica now entwines her love of aesthetics into a jeweled tapestry of visual panache. “The vision for LAMBERT is to create a brand that is visually unique in both its design and branding. LAMBERT isn’t just jewellery, it’s the exploration of my imagination” Jessica explains. With geometric shapes and intricate detailing, LAMBERT provides its wearer with unique pieces reflective of a visual conversation between old-world glamour bijoux and modern architectural lines. The attention and over-whelming response to LAMBERT in its early stages, continues to increase. This support has resulted in a collaboration with fashion designer George Wu for his 2013 Mercedes Benz Fashion Festival show. LAMBERT has also recently been requested and photographed by prestigious international fashion magazine Elle Italia in New York City. Alongside the main collection, LAMBERT also offers a custom-design service for bridal and special occasion dressing.
The latest and second collection from LAMBERT, entitled Series 2014.1, is an exploration of geometrics and intricate layering. Designer, Jessica Lambert, drew inspiration from art movements, urban landscapes and traditional costume jewellery but more directly straight from the chosen materials themselves. In contrast to the debut collection’s focus on organic stones and tribal bead-work, Series 2014.1 has a strong affiliation with metal pieces and highly- considered design detail. Absorbing influences from architecture and mechanical elements, Series 2014.1 results in strong visual lines and patterns that present an almost engineered-like construction to their aesthetic. Jessica’s design ethos is driven by the way each singular material can be worked and re-worked to create a design that is fresh and innovative from even the most basic elements. Every piece of LAMBERT is a statement design that is hand-made from the brand’s own atelier. This focus on craftsmanship is the essence of the LAMBERT story and clearly evident in the latest collection offering. With an undeniable sophistication that flirts with shapes of tribal adornment and opulent glamour, LAMBERT brings a new wave of high-end designer jewellery to the Australian and International market.
Instagram: lambertdesigns - Email: info.lambertdesigns@gmail.com


09 November 2013

Designer Focus | Ground Zero - Philip & Eri Chu

 Philip & Eri Chu - Ground Zero's SS14 Backstage 
Eri and Philip Chu are brothers from Hong Kong, who were two kids who dreamed of being famous singers one day, until that day when their mother and sister took them to a high-end boutique in Hong Kong and they discovered the world of fashion and forever hooked. They launched their brand Ground Zero in London back in 2003 when Philip was still studying fashion design at Middlesex University, Ground Zero is a futuristic and artistic brand that combines strong, dynamic prints with interesting silhouettes and cuts. Their latest collection which they've launched during Paris Fashion Week had their famous signature all over it. The pieces were unique, magnificent and the prints were Sci-fictional, also three dimensional, making it among our favorite SS14 collections this year. We were excited to share with you an interview with the minds behind Ground Zero, here's what Philip has told us about the brand, working with his brother and more.. 
Ground Zero SS14
Fashion duets are usually a success tell us about your experience working together and how did you start in this field?
During my studies in London, my brother Eri and I started designing and making a line of printed t-shirts, our initial step in fashion.

Where are you based and how did your brand name "Ground Zero" come about?
We are based in Hong Kong now. Ground-Zero is the root of our first step, we started with zero and the ground is the foundation which we've built on, we believe zero is everything.
Since you are a brand which is famous for it's beautiful & unique prints, what comes first in the designing process, the prints or the silhouettes?
A mixture of both, really depends on how our mind works at that time. Sometimes the print ideas come quicker than the silhouettes and vice versa. We adapt the silhouettes around the prints to make the whole thing work better, as the prints are our signature identity. 
Ground Zero SS 13   
What inspires you the most? specially for your latest SS2014 collection which was amazing.. 
Contrast is fascinating, exploring the balance of gender with machinery and femininity, SS14 is our unique perspective on adolescence, the full characteristics of spring flowers growing into full bloom and expanding into the future. 
You've been showing in Paris Fashion Week for the past 3 seasons which is a dream for most designers tell us about that experience..
We've been showing in Paris Fashion Week for three seasons and we still get the same feelings every time, the preparation, the anticipation, the end finale. The experience is truly an honor.

You had a menswear collection as a side project, will we be seeing a menswear line any time soon?
We are focused on our womenswear at the moment, we love menswear as well but for now, womenswear is our priority. 

Ground Zero Show Room via MC 
2NE1&Philip Chu
 Ground Zero SS13
We love K-Pop and we saw 2NE1 wearing from your SS13 collection while promoting few months ago, which celebrities would you like to dress in the future?
Yes 2NE1 are lovely girls, very happy to work with them. We would also love to dress artists like Rhianna, Rita Ora.. 

Now, tell us about your 3 fashion must haves for this fall season?
Leather Jacket , Chunky Knit, Oversize Sweater.

Posted: Hussa AlTubbaji
Edited: Amal Ismail 
Collages: lamodarabia.com
Photos: courtesy of ground zero

06 November 2013

Military Jackets | Fall/Winter Trends For Men & Women

Moschino Cheap & Chic leopard silk blouse / Wool military jacket / Alexander Wang leather shorts / Me Too military boots / Valentino studded purse / Susan Caplan Vintage clip earrings / Forever 21 bracelet / Forever 21 band ring / Marc by Marc Jacobs black studded bracelet / Versace gold jewellery / 2b rhinestone bangle / Kate Spade ring / Tory Burch bracelet / Janis Savitt yellow gold stackable ring / Yves Saint Laurent lips makeup

Styling by: Hussa Altubbaji
Lamodarabia.com Via Polyvore

02 November 2013

LMA Styling Guide | Earthy Tone This Season

Trench Coats & Shoes by lamodarabiafavorites featuring a brown coat Karen Millen coat / Burberry coat / Trench coat / Dagmar brown coat / Burberry coat / Jeffrey Campbell black shoes / Givenchy pumps / Valentino high heel shoes/ Charlotte Olympia platform shoes / Christian Louboutin black pointed flat

Styling by: Amal Ismail
Lamodarabia.com Via Polyvore
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