11 October 2013

Fashion Forward Dubai | Amato by Furne One

Furne One is not just any fashion designer, he is an artist with a vision, an eye that finds beauty and inspiration everywhere. He grew up in the Philippines and after wining prizes such as "best young designer" moved to the States to achieve his dreams and then finally landed in sunny Dubai which he chose to be as a home for his brand Amato. Worn by many celebrities such as Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira, also being featured in international fashion magazines such as Vogue Italy and Elle. His brand has gone global and Amato's latest collection which he presented in Dubai's Fashion Forward last April under the name of "The circus of Good & Evil" was by far one of our personal favorite shows, couture is about details and craftsmanship but it's also where all the elements of art gather to create a vision, a story, and a dream... Furne's show had all that and more, leaving the audience with a light, happy & mysterious feeling...We have to say that he was by far our favorite designer to interview, honestly for someone who is so talented and famous with dressing many stars he's the most humble & loveable being we have come across yet. Now you can read our interview with him and judge for yourself.

How did you get inspired to do this collection, what inspired you to think of this collection? 
I went to Madonna’s concert and she was making an erotic dance in a circus podium. That inspired me, so I started thinking what about if I made it a good and evil in the circus podium.

Why did you choose to be based in Dubai and not in London, Paris or New York where your type of art is more common? 
I was working in New York and my friend told me how about moving to Dubai, it’s a new place and its soon to be a very big city! When I first came here it was like a very good training ground because in the Philippines where I grew up we were more American oriented, more commercial however, here I had all the resources, all the craftsmanship, and embellishment to start a Couture business everything was here!  And I was like oh my god I can learn a lot! I enjoy the learning process every day, as a designer you grow and in the first place I always liked embellishments and I also liked the Arab culture.

You launched an Oud fragrance earlier this year, btw I gave it to my mother and she liked it a lot which means you already got the approval of the older generation..Tell us more about it!  
We tried to make the fragrance more Arab for this region because I have clients in the Middle East and the gulf region and I know how they like their perfumes strong and authentic here. We are  trying to launch the perfume again in States but a little lighter so hopefully it will be a success there too, so far I received good feedback and that they liked the scent and I think it’s doing good. 
Where do you get your inspirations from usually? 
Tim Burton movies! I love his movies, also architecture, my trips and travels, culture in general.

When it comes to fashion which fashion capital do you think is most close to you? Which is your favorite? And what is special about Dubai? 
Every fashion capital has a different feel for example, New York are more commercial, Japan are more modern and new, London is more crazy so I cannot choose because I think you need them all to understand fashion you need commercial at the same time you need Avant-grade, at the end of the day you will not sell if you don’t balance between the two, you need to be different, it’s hard to do it with both but you have to try. Dubai has also a different way bcause it’s a mix of all nationalities, it has many different vibes and tastes so it’s very nice and there is also some good energy here. I think there are very good  local artists but I think they are not just given the chance to explore. The Arab culture is very rich and over the top, they have this different view and I think they are very creative even my clients here they tell me we want this on that or like that and in my head I’ll be like “What is she thinking about, that won’t be nice!”  but when I try making the samples I’ll be like “oh my god this is amazing” so you know I’m learning a lot here from the people and about them.

You’ve worked with many celebrities, Heidi Klum, Katy Perry, Rita Ora, Haifa Wehbe and Beyoncé. Have you acknowledged yet how big you are now? Or does it feel just like the beginning?  
No for me it’s just work.  I’m blessed they like my design and that they like what I’m doing and understand which direction I’m going to, like you girls you understand everything I do, I feel so happy and blessed. My fashion is very risky and it’s open to criticism not like other designers, they can be very basic & very classic but my collections and designs are different just like my last collection “the good and evil” everyone was like oh my god, why evil??  
So now who is your dream celebrity to dress next?  
Madonna of course it’s one of my dreams…


Written by: Amal Ismail & Hussa AlTubbaji
Photos: courtesy of Furne One, fashionforward.ae ,tinayums
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