19 September 2013

Interview | Nabile Quenum Talks Street Style & JPMV

We continue our interview series during fashion week with Nabile Quenum one of our absolute favorite photographers, he's not only super talented but he also has a very unique style himself which reflects immediately on the photos he snaps of people on the streets. If you remember we actually mentioned his work almost a year ago Click Here we never really got the chance to ask him any questions but now that we have seen even more beautiful photos from his street style shots during Spring 2014 we decided to finally do an interview..we hope you enjoy it!

1- When were you introduced to the camera for the first time?

First time I was introduced to a camera was when I was a child by my father who used to take pictures, but more seriously it was four years ago when my friend bought his new camera and I tried it, That's when I really fell in love.
2- How/why did you choose street photography? 

In fact I started my photography with another type of street style, I was hunting particular moments between the city and people. I'm doing the same today I think, but with people expressing themselves with fashion.

3- Tell us about your website www.jaiperdumaveste.com, how did you start it & why? 

It's a website where I can show people the different ways to express themselves with fashion, for me this is all about expressing ourselves. I always did love fashion and photography, so it's come really naturally to me.

4- Which city is your favorite for street style & why?

Paris is my best city for street style because 1st it is my city and because I love how Paris & It's people react to fashion week.
5- Describe your personal style?

I don't have a real style, I really don't know. but I know that colors are really important for me. 
6- Name 3 fashion items you can't live without.. 

The three items are: My back bag/ A hat or a cap/ my mother's ring that I never take off.
7- If you weren't a photographer, what would your dream job be?

If i wasn't a photographer, I would love to be a soccer player or professional dancer.

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By: Amal Ismail
Photos: courtesy of Nabile Quenum

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