13 September 2013

Adam Katz Sinding Talks Le 21ème & More

Adam Katz Sinding is a self-taught photographer, some of you may not have known what he looks like before today but I'm sure you've all seen at least one or two of his photos since he has not only one but three fashion related websites and one of them is our favorite www.Le-21eme.com which is according to Adam's words "Not a street-style blog but a photo-journalistic view into the daily world of fashion from cities and Fashion Weeks around the world". When we asked Adam why he called his website Le 21ème "pronounced Luh-Van-Tay-Un Eee-Em", he replied with "I lived in Paris for a while for school. Paris has 20 districts. I felt very inspired by French fashion and felt the rest of the world was as well. So Le 21ème is kind of an allusion to the rest of the world being inspired by Paris as I was. Its a bit pretentious but that was 7 years ago, and I thought it sounded cool, though I wish I chose a name people can pronounce." So now we hope you enjoy the photos and read the rest of his answers below.


When were you introduced to the camera for the first time?
My father used to take photos all the time.  He would head off into the mountains for weeks at a time and come home with photos documenting his hikes and camping.  So I suppose that was when I was first introduced to a camera.  However, I did not actually USE the camera until after his passing.  I think I enrolled in a black and white film class at after my 6 grade year?  I really can’t recall the exact moment, to be honest.

How/why did you choose street photography?
No real answer.  I used to loathe taking photos of people. I thought it was so boring.  I thought it was the easiest kind of photo to take, since there are people everywhere, all the time.  I’m glad I got over that.  I think I started taking photos of people, because it seemed like a good enough excuse to go talk to a total stranger.

Tell us about your website www.le-21eme.com, how did you start it & why?
I wanted to meet interesting people. I don’t think I have the confidence to just walk up to someone on the street unsolicited, and introduce myself.  The camera acts as an amazing social lubricant.  Much better than beer.  I think it’s much less creepy to ask to take a photo of a stranger, than to just walk up to someone and say “hi, I’m Adam.”


Describe your personal style?  
Boring.  I wear black jeans, and black t-shirts.  If it’s hot, black shorts, and black tank tops. If it’s cold, black jacket, black scarf, black coat, black gloves. I’m really into details in my garments.  I don’t care about trends, or wearing this season’s must haves.  I just want to look like me.

Name 3 fashion items you can't live without..
Black jeans, a handful of rings, and my camera.  My camera is always with me, so I think it’s part of my getup.

For more about Adam and his photography you can follow him on 
Instagram: @Le21eme Twitter: @Le21eme Or Facebook Page Here

Photos: courtesy of  Adam Katz Sinding

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