20 July 2013

Chaos Arc Eid Trunkshow - Khobar

We are glad to announce that tomorrow night we'll be hosting our 1st ever fashion event in our beloved city Khobar for our brand Chaos Arc that Hussa & I have launched officially last April, we finished Riyadh & now our lovely guests here will have an evening of K-Pop & Street Style Glamor and will exclusively get to buy T-Shirts, limited edition bomber jackets, sweaters loved this season by the Middle East's fashion editors and singer Rita Ora who I had the chance to meet few months ago at Chanel's Event in Dubai during my Style.com/Arabia internship
I got the chance to also meet her stylist Kyle Devolle who again told us how much Rita loved it

Gold & Silver Bomber Jacket & Cropped Tshirt Available

Korean Inspired nail art will be done at the event by The Sanctuary Nail Lounge & Spa

Written by: Amal Ismail
Photos: courtesy of Amal AlOtaibi, Duaa Salim, Amal Ismail and Google

04 July 2013

Model In Focus | Patrick Moritz

The different sides of Patrick Moritz

With the end of men's fashion weeks, an industry that is estimated to be almost a 40 billion dollar one and only getting bigger and better by the minute, we've decided few months ago to start  focusing on it. Now our interview is with a model who started at a young age in his home town of Berlin, Patrick Moritz is a Dubai based model who was featured in many GCC ads, you probably saw him once or twice in your local mall on some of the posters for the new season, here is our short interview with Patrick regrading modeling, Dubai and his future projects...

-How did you start in fashion?
I started at the age of 14. At that time I was living in Berlin and someone asked me if I wanted to do a fashion show for an upcoming local designer. After the show I signed with my first agency.

- From Berlin to Dubai..tell us about your journey...
I have been living on and off in Dubai now for the past 6 years, incredible how quickly that time has past. My decision of moving to Dubai had at that time nothing to do with modeling, so my first job in Dubai was as a Personal Trainer and Nutritionist. It is the field I studied in and I have always enjoyed doing it. After 2 years of purely focusing on my clients I decided to get involved in modeling again and it has been taking over since then. I still Personal Train whenever I do not have a modeling job.
- Was modeling your calling or do you have another passion you would to pursue in life?
Modeling is no Rocket Science. It is a great opportunity for anyone who can do it, but there is definitely not much of personal development happening. I have been doing Personal Training now for the past 12 years and I still enjoy doing it because it gives me the opportunity to change peoples lives and raise their awareness towards themselves.  Acting is and always has been one of my other passions. I have been going back and forth between Los Angeles and Dubai for workshops and networking. It is a process which you have to learn to enjoy without only looking at the end result.
- What is your absolute favorite moment on the catwalk?
It was a show in Dubai Mall (I have to not disclose the brand). The stylist team was instructed to leave all the tags on the clothes, which turned out to be a nightmare for the models. I rushed into my second outfit which was a Tux, realizing I had 3 security tags and 2 price tags on me. Unfortunately it was too late to do anything about it. I stepped onto the ramp, posed for 3 beats and saw a price tag dangling down from my jacket. I ripped it off, threw it backstage and started walking. At the end of the ramp I posed again and a photographer gave me a signal that my bow tie wasn't sitting right. I smiled it off, fixed it and continued. The whole show was a mess but after a couple of days you laugh about it.
-From your professional point of view, how do you see modeling opportunities in Dubai?
The Dubai market is very versatile and offers more and more each year. I enjoy working here because we are all like one big family. Unfortunately there are a lot of "models" that do jobs for very low rates, which kills the opportunity for higher quality modeling in Dubai.

- Describe your personal style, are there certain brands you love wearing?
My personal style is very simple. T-Shirt and Jeans do it for me. If I go out I mostly combine jackets with trousers and a shirt... simply smart casual. One of my favorite brands is Zara. I like the fit and the collections are always very fast moving.
- What are your future projects...
I am doing the next Campaign for Tchibo and Karstadt this Summer through my German Agency. As well I am in talks with L'Oreal for a hair product shoot.

Questions: Hussa Altubbaji
Photos: Courtesy of Patrick Moritz.
Collages by: Hussa Altubbaji.

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