20 June 2013

Sasha Marini | Socially Conscious & Artistic

Our interview today is with one of the fashion world's most interesting people, we got interested in Italian super model Sasha Marini's artistic photoshoots few years ago, also Facebook & Instagram followers unanimously have always liked any images posted of him by us and that's when I decided to contact him and ask for an interview, I have to say that I was quite surprised at how nice and humble his reply was and I've noticed afterwards how positive his personality was, he's really someone you can look up to, in fact he absolutely changed my point of view on models, Sasha is one of the few people in the industry today who genuinely cares about others and feels an obligation to make it better. I would like to thank him for spreading the word about abuses towards models and his efforts to educate the new-comers into this crazy world of fashion about their rights and to say out-loud that dignity & self-respect is above anything. Hope you all enjoy our small chit-chat about his work, his life and cause..

1- How did you start in fashion? Tell us about the moment  you decided to fully pursue a career as a model instead of continuing with your legal studies. 

I started working in fashion something like 15 years ago, when I was studying Law at University. At the beginning, I just wanted to make some money to help my family to cover my expenses but I immediately realized that fashion was more than a passion so I decided to invest my energy and determination to travel all over the world in order to get an international background.

2-  In your opinion what do you think models here in the Middle East & The World in general need to know to make it internationally?

I don’t think there’s a perfect formula to get an international career. I keep working so hard because I deeply put all my passion in it and I’m always doing my best to be very professional in all my shoots. I’m not interested in being a pretty face or fit body that everyone likes, I just want to be myself and show my personality through my work. I suggest to all models, especially the fresh faces, to be smart, focused, always kind and work in a very professional way without being influenced by anyone or any trend just to be successful in a season.

3- So tell us more about your personal side now, from all the cities you've lived in which has a home feeling to you and why?
I felt home in Berlin and NYC, they have such a creative energy that really inspired my work.

4- Describe your personal style, are there certain brands you love wearing?
My personal style as well as my beard are an expression of my personality. Strongly masculine, a little rough but with a gentleman soul. I like to play fashion in a very personal way without letting it to be influenced by the season’s trend. I always pay attention to little details which are able to make a very unique style. That’s why I love wearing Tom Rebl clothes.

5- On your "100% Model" movement last year you shed some light on certain sexual abuses committed in the industry towards model. What made you decide on spreading a message regarding this and was it difficult for you to launch such a movement?
100% Model by Shout Up You Can (www.shoutupyoucan.com) is an ethical and social project that aims to increase awareness for young aspiring models on the dangers they may encounter in their work. The awareness that the lowest attitudes should be reported without fear.
Shout Up You Can invites young models and emerging professionals of the fashion world to rise against it, don’t be silent against attempted sexual abuses that they might suffer from in their career.
For this purpose, also a blog YOU CAN |shoutupyoucan stories was born a year ago, a place to gather and to share negative experiences in the fashion system. I’m the campaign’s testimonial and this choice is not by chance. The art director wanted a model who was an expression of “Made in Italy” and was able to get a successful career due solely to his own stubbornness, determination and integrity. In addition, a personal negative experience during a fashion shoot made me particularly sensitive to further support the initiative. So, with the utmost commitment and strength, I have the honor to put my own face for this noble project and I will do my best to spread the word. To be honest, it was really difficult to launch this movement, especially in Italy.
It’s a topic that calls to take a clear position. At the beginning, it had a strong interest: publications by several fashion bloggers and reviews, contacts with institutions and model agencies have shown their collaboration for the initiative. Then, many people preferred to distance or ignore it because they must have other interests prevailed. Fortunately, the project was collecting more and more acclaim and success abroad. On July 27th, 2012 I was invited on stage to present the US première of 100% MODEL, introducing the Video Campaign and the project related at La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, The World Largest Gathering of Fashion Film Makers, in competition for all the main awards together with big names such as Bruce Weber, Karl Lagerfeld, Rankin, Luca Finotti, Mariano Vivanco among the others.
During NY Fashion Week F/W 2012, I was also recognized as “September Diplomat Artist of the Month”. Afterwards covers, interviews and many other prestigious publications arrived: the interest is growing and this is a positive signal. In my opinion, a heartfelt and fair attitude is a rewarding choice that pays off in the professional side as well. It's no longer time to hide our heads in the sand. A new revolution is possible, it's time to rise up. Breaking the silence is a very important step to give a brave contribution for a change in the fashion industry. A strong modeling career is based on values like professionalism, tenacity, integrity, dedication and respect for body & mind. And last but not least, dignity is priceless.

Written by: Amal Ismail
Questions & Collages by: Hussa AlTubbaji & Amal Ismail
Photos: courtesy to www.sashamarini.com
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