13 June 2013

Moez Achour - Talks Fashion Playlist & Photography

Today our interview is with one of the Middle East's rising talents in photography and visual art scene, he's Fashionplayist.com's founder, Creative Designer at Style.com/Arabia and The Middle East's first ever street-style Photographer. What we like about his site & photography is the originality and creativity level behind it which is something rare to posses in the Middle East.  I had the chance to get to know Moez Achour during my internship with style.com/arabia few months ago and I have to say  it was an amazing experience to see him take shots and choose people to photograph for street style at Dubai's Fashion Forward, he's able to find beauty easily and knows exactly what to shoot, also his ability to  capture his subjects best features like no one else makes him loved by most of the people he snaps a photo of. We were happy to hear that he was going to revamp his website fashionplayist.com which is a website dedicated to soundtracks, photos & videos from the runways each season, we all know that music is a big part of fashion shows because it's what sets the mood for a show and translates a whole collection..Here are his answers to our questions and his thoughts: 
1- Tell us about you're experience with street style photography, which is your favorite city to shoot in? 

What I most enjoy about street style is the contact with people: to capture real life moments, and share these with my followers on the Internet. I don't really have a favorite city, but here in Dubai, people are so stylish that it's a great pleasure!

2- What words of advice would you give to anyone who's interested in being a good street photographer?

Appreciate you're entourage/environment/surroundings, and look outside, there's always something special to capture

3- Who was the first person to notice your talent as a photographer?
Sofia Guellaty was the one who truly believed in me from the start. 

4- What was your first fashion photography experience? and where?
It was in Tunisia, I was with a friend: as all "first times". I had the will but not yet the experience for it and the result was very average. 
Photos: Tunis Fashion Week, Fashion Forward & Style.com/Arabia's Street Style Inspired Shoot
5- What's the concept behind FashionPlaylist.com and what made you start it? 

I wanted to highlight the musical aspect that was within the fashion industry: whether during runways, adverts or street style. There isn't enough attention given to the music that accompanies what happens in fashion and I thought it was about time it was!

6- What are your future plans for FashionPlayList.com? and your new projects?

I hope to create a reference site for music in fashion and in shows. My future project is FashionPlaylist's relaunch, during the Haute Couture Week in Paris, and then hopefully the launch of a T-shirt brand. 
Written by: Amal Ismail
Questions & Collages by: Hussa AlTubbaji & Amal Ismail
Photos: courtesy of Style.com/Arabia & Moez Achour

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