26 June 2013

Brand Alert | Kay Li

Kay Li AW 13/14

A dream is a great motivation that keeps us going in this life, and no one is luckier than a person who pursuits it and make it come true, that was the case of Kay Li who traveled from her home town to explored the world til she decided to settle follow her dream in becoming a fashion designer, her lines, inspiration and silhouettes are different and shows her diverse backgrounds.
Here is our interview with her... 

- Where are you from and how did you start in fashion?
I'm from Hong Kong but I left home for college when i was 18.  Since then I have lived in the US, Switzerland and the UK and now I'm in Dubai.  Fashion Design was something I wanted to pursue when i was young but didn't have a chance to do so.  When I first came to Dubai, I realized that was my chance to finally make my dream come true, so I enrolled in the full-time program at ESMOD Dubai and started my own label soon after I graduated.  I'm now based between Dubai and Hong Kong.
Kay Li AW 13/14

What was the inspiration behind your collection?
I draw inspiration from humanity to architecture, environmental issues to current affairs.  At this moment, my inspirations come from my life journey.  This AW13-14 collection was about the similarity between modern women and horses.  We all think horses are free-spirited animals, running wild in the woods. Much like modern women - free to express ourselves, free to pursue whatever we like.  However, just like all but 1 breed of horses in the world, when duties call, most of us are happily being domesticated, comfortably being tamed.
Kay Li AW 13/14

- How do you describe the Kay Li Brand customer?
Sophisticated, cultured, intellectual.  A woman with an understated elegance
Kay Li AW 13/14

- What are your future plans and where are your items sold currently?
I will continue what i love to do the most - designing quality womenswear.  My focus is to continue building and promoting this label.  You can find my Spring/Summer collection in O-Concept, which is located on Jumeirah Beach Road in Dubai.  Next collection i will also sell through notjustalabel.com, which is the world’s leading designer platform for showcasing and nurturing emerging designers worldwide, for people that live outside of Dubai.
Kay Li AW 13/14

The Inspiration...
Kay Li's A/W13-14 collection paints a surreal scene of a black horse being trapped in an enchanted forest When a fair maiden came to rescue him, one look into each other eyes, they realized they are both trapped in the world they have put themselves in.

The Silhouettes...
The Autumn/Winter 13-14 collection with simple and yet beautifully structured silhouette. Elegantly sloping shoulders, wide sleeves and scarf collars are strong features to create effortless statement pieces that can easily translate into everyday look.

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Interview by: Amal Ismail
Collages by: Hussa Altubbaji
Photos: courtesy of Kay Li 

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