19 June 2013

ANA LOCKING | A Designer You'll Be Obsessed With

As fashion label ANA/ LOCKING’s collection for Fall-Winter 13-14 is about to become available in stores and I’ve always been/ still amazed of Ana’s creation, I decided to share the background of the brand and how it evolved to create its latest range of men’s and women’s clothes.
Summer SS13
But before all, I want to share a glimpse of my favorite of her Spring-Summer 13 collection,  ‘THE TALK’ which was presenting a unique dialogue about the modern approach of the new woman about her relationship to the serenity of the moment in which she is destined to live. This is an intimate dialogue between the creator and the onlooker, one in which we can discern the gestures of the participants, thus forcing our eye to acquire a taste for details, which are not simply adornments to be regarded from a far.

                                  Summer SS13

In "The Talk" we can observe the designer's search for a sense of balance between opposites. In effect, she maintains a dialogue between the upper and lower parts of the body, creating a silhouette that can be read from head to toe, a seductive over-sized style that gives way to a decidedly emphasized waist, thus creating a pencil silhouette that is entirely seductive and sensual, with a diverse color palette of Coral red, coral pink, petroleum blue, navy blue, olive, smoke grey, fingerprint, leopard print, coral print, white, black and stripes.
Summer SS13

Ana Gonzalez founded her own label in 2008 and with her first collection ‘reentry’ FW08-09 won the L’Oreal Paris Award for the Best Collection from the Cibeles Madrid Fashion Week. Ana keeps herself updated of the new artistic disciplines by collaborating with different cultural institutions and artistic organizations through expositions, installations, video-art, photography, seminars, conferences, classes, etc. All these projects help her to grow and evolve through what she considers should be the grounds of every sensitivity related to creation. “In my work I always establish references that involve the onlooker, which establish a link between what I want to say _and what the onlooker internalizes. Over time, the recurrent use of these references and stories within my work has come to form an indissoluble part of my brand and my own personality. However, on this occasion I have not sought to tell my own story, _but to use "McGuffins" that enable each onlooker to develop and invent their own stories” Ana Gonzalez stated about her AW13/14. 
AW 13/14
One of the most important aspects when creating a story is the relationship that is established with the onlooker. Ana Locking AW13/14 collection tells the mysterious story of “MC GUFFIN”, the dialogue of the story translated into silhouette, colors and more details. 
“MC CUFFIN” The Story
"Two men are travelling by train in England and one man says to the other, "What's that package up there in the baggage rack?", _and the other answers, "Oh, that's a McGuffin". The first one asks, "What's a McGuffin?". "Well," the other one says, _"It's a device for trapping lions in the Scottish Highlands". The first man says, "But there are no lions in the Scottish Highlands", _and the other one answers, "Well, then that's no a McGuffin!"_(François Truffaut, "The Cinema According to Hitchcock").
Alfred Hitchcock coined the term "McGuffin" as a resource or excuse that serves as a means of beginning the plot of a story, but which, at heart, is not really important to the story itself. That is to say, the "McGuffin" is only a device that introduces some kind of conflict in order to bring a story to life, and sometimes a series of characters that have little to do with the main idea.  Without "McGuffin" there are no stories, but "McGuffin" always constitute the aspect that is forgotten first.
If you would like to see what I've chosen from their collections check it out on my instagram: @Bakrialkaff

Written by: Bakry Alkaff
Collages by: LMA
Photos: courtesy of ANA LOCKING

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