12 May 2013

MEN FASHION | Lomar Thobe

Lomar Thobe is a familiar name if you live in the Gulf Region and Saudi Arabia in particular as it is one of the leading fashion houses here that are taking Thobe "national dress code for men" to the next level since it's hip, chic and has a spirit of rivived traditinalism making it easy for the new generation to find a Thobe that represents their personality and suit different personal styles, also it's for the older generation to find a Thobe with great quality that keeps the main elements of the traditional one. In case you are new in the region and you were wondering what is a Thobe? Please Click here.

Lomar Standard Line 

As the saying goes "behind every great man there's a woman!" well, in Lomar's case the woman was next to him, supporting him each step of the way and it shows in the company's name "Lomar", its not an Arabic nor an English word, its simply a combination of the founders names. Loai Naseem and his wife Mona Al-Haddad who have worked for 2 years to study the market and launched the company after getting the trust of 200 loyal customers who they served from home. The company's philosophy is to redefine thobes into a more innovative design and to be more appealing for the older generation but also fulfilling the taste of younger natives.
Lomar SS 2013
Lomar is working on launching 3 new collections this Wednesday alone! The first collection is The Saffari Collection, 3 designs made for the out going and active men, wither you are going out for a hike or to an outdoors event on the weekend this thobe will keep you looking trendy and comfy all in one, interested? check the pictures below..
Safari Collection 
(behind the scenes)

Next is their second collaboration with the talented Thobe designer Rola Dashesha, the new collaboration collection contains 10 multifunctional designs which helps the men of today to pull off a business meeting look and a daily hangout piece all using one thobe.
 Collaboration with Rola Dashesha
 (behind the scenes) 

The last collection will be in stores before Ramadan. Ramadan collection contains 11 diversified designs for adults that suits business meetings, family gatherings and certainly for Eid too plus 3 white based designs for kids with colorful fun adornments that suit both Ramadan & Eid, some items of this collection will be available in stores this Wednesday too. You can get more information on Lomar's collections and news on their:Website, FacebookTwitter and Instagram

Edited by Hussa Altubbaji & Amal Ismail.
Photo courtesy of Lomar Thobe.
Collages by Lamodarabia

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