15 May 2013

LMA Style Hunt Korea| Airport Fashion K-Pop

We would love to introduce "Airport Fashion" to those of you who don't know about it, while we suffer from poor airport fashion around here, people in other parts of the world dress up and show the best out of their closets as if it's the natural place for cameras to follow you and take a snapshot, of course we are talking about the best airport in the world for the years 2011 and 2012, Incheon Airport in Seoul Korea, and that's not according to us but according to the Airport Awards (we did not make this up check here). The Korean media is so serious about airport fashion that it is very rare to find any K-Wave artist that is not dressed up and ready for the paparazzi. In the following we will be displaying some of our favorite airport looks plus tips on how to get the perfect airport swag, so yalla let's go!
 Sneakers For A Sporty & Relaxed Look 
"Daesung & Seungri from Big Bang"
Lace-Ups Or Loafers For A Refined Yet Young Look
"TOP from Big Bang"
Over Sized Jackets/Coats & Fitted Jackets
"Jessica from SNSD"
Jackets/Sweaters With Fun Patterns & Textile 
Always & Forever Invest In Denim/Jeans 
"Sooyoung & Seohyun of SNSD"
 Spice Up Your Look With An Exquisite Head Accessory Or An Un Forgettable Jacket
"U-Know Yunho - Kim Hyun Joong & CL and Dara of 2NE1"
The Perfect Clash Of  The Patterns Is Hard 
To Pull Off But Possible
Over Sized Tees/Sweaters Matched With Shorts & Leggings Are Comfy & Elegant
"CL of 2NE1"
The Fashionable Girls from "2NE1"
Shades & Eyewear Are A Must
Floral Printed Sweaters Look Great With Jeans For Both Ladies & Gents.
Last Tip Is To Wear Comfortable Yet Sensible Clothing, Remember That Lady Gaga Is Uncomfortable Enough For Everyone On The Planet Already

Photo courtesy: Kpop fashion airport tumbler.
Written by: La Moda Arabia Girls.
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