30 April 2013

MAY-MEN FASHION | Milan Vukmirovic; Fashion Icon and more

A picture of Milan and his photography for D&G (Model: Noah Mills)

Since I am born in May I would like to dedicate this month for Men Fashion, my favorite fashion right after everything street and unwearable! I'll start with one of our favorite chic men, Amal introduced Milan Vukmirovic to me 2 years ago and since then I've been hooked, waiting for his street style during fashion weeks as he never fails to impress. His simple yet chic unpredictable match and mixes make his style easy to pull off yet hard to think up on your own..

Milan's Street Fashion

Now in case you were wondering who is Milan Vukmirovic and what does he do, get ready to read the most impressive fashion resume right after Karl Lagerfeld and Tom Ford...

Milan's Street Fashion

Milan Vukmirovic is a Fashion Icon, fashion photographer, designer, stylist, buyer, creative director, and an editor for major fashion houses, ad campaigns, and French magazines, need names?  Gucci, Jil Sander, Trussardi 1911, Jardin des Modes, L’Officiel Homm these are just some places where Vukmirovic worked brilliantly. 

Milan's Street Fashion

A side from his work in the fashion media  and fashion houses Millan was able to build a reputation for being the most successful founder of concept stores around the world. Some capital cities had a glimpse of his magic and artistic vision, starting with Paris where he made his first and most known concept shop "Colette" just at the age of 26, following that he made another hit concept store in 2009, Miami's favorite; The Webster Miami,  and finally My Boon in Seoul, Korea a store which he call's the best gift shop ever! and emphasize this concept the guests for the grand opening were from the top of the media and music industry in Korea.

My Boon grand opening (Big Bang's members Taeyoung and GD with Milan Vukmirovic)

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11 April 2013

Kenzo's Magic Duo - Humberto Leon & Carol Lim

Kenzo has been revived and brought back to it's glorious era because of the amazing Opening Ceremony duo "Humberto Leon & Carol Lim" who are not only business partners but also have been good friends for over 19 years. Their ability to make a brand like Kenzo hip & trendy now was not an easy task, however their knowledge and ability to predict what can be a hit and what can not was probably because of their vast experience with various items, cultures & costumers from all over the world via their stores, all of that information has exceptionally made it possible for them to make every show and campaign for Kenzo a success! I also believe that their love and respect for each other was the main ingredient.

I always enjoy watching their interviews, absolutely crazy about these two,
they're officially on my: "Must Meet Designers" list.

Their Resort 2013 was by far one of the most artistic & visually entertaining campaigns..

Humberto & Carol's popularity with celebs has also added to the brand and gave it more followers than ever before. The fact they were personally trendy & so into pop-culture helped this iconic Japanese-Parisian brand turn into a cool street-wear label that many young people can relate to today.

Written by: Amal Ismail
Photos: courtesy of googlesearch

04 April 2013

Seoul Fashion Week FW2013 | Report 2

 Big Park 
Johnny hates Jazz

 Miss Gee Collection

J Apostrophe 

 Push Button


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