05 March 2013

Creative Japan Fashion Fair - Harvey Nichols Riyadh

You'll find the best of the Japanese art decorating the walls, fashion items, home accessories plus many more at Creative Japan in Harvey Nichols, Riyadh who gave everyone that loves Japan a chance to have their very own Japanese item for their house, closet and even for the office, there were also Japanese designers who participated with their collections and work, including designer Yu Amatsu for "A Degree Fahrenheit" who personally came to the opening, Amatsu also participated in J-Style activities such giving two lectures for aspiring new designers in Carlton hotel - Riyadh.

On Monday the 25th of Feb we had the pleasure to sit down with the organizers and had a talk about the event and how it all came about. Mrs. Miyako Mamano -director general at Jetro- told us that Jetro made the first studies for the Saudi market and noticed how stable it is and how it will be a great market for the Japanese fashion, with this information Itochu fashion system collaborated with Harvey Nichols -Riyadh to scout the Japanese young designers. Ms. Yuri Takezawa from -Itochu fashion system- told us that she and the Harvey Nichols team visited Japan last September and last November to choose the designers, they even paid a visit to Room 25 -a Japanese exhibition for the young fashion designers- in search for the best new talents that will suit the consumers of the Saudi market and at the same time would show the Japanese craftsmanship.

This will not be the last collaboration as the organizers promised to work on a second edition, with different designers and of course it will be in Harvey Nichols too, also there will be more collaborations with other countries who's fashion is important to the region. Marriam Mossalli, founder of Niche "luxury consultancy firm " has told us that their client Harvey Nichols does their best to bring what unites most cultures together which is fashion & the arts, a language we all unanimously speak, so there are a lot of amazing surprises to expect, more fashion events and amazing guests! she also mentioned to us exclusively that in April there will be a Hollywood designer & make up artist coming over so girls if you love LA, it's definitely gonna be your kind of event.

At the end we'd like to thank Harvey Nichols Riyadh & Niche for including us in their media room as the only bloggers who were allowed to do an interview and for giving us such a great welcoming, not to mention a superb event. 

Written by: Amal Ismail 
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