21 February 2013


As we promised  you, we are writing about our favorite Japanese designers this month since Harvey Nichols Riyadh will be hosting an amazing Japanese Fashion event soon. Next inline is the Japanese brand RYNSHU.

As most of the Japanese fashion this brand is very minimalist, however the details and the fabrics sets it aside from all of the other brands and gives it its own line and standers. With A list celebrates clients such as Will I. Am, this brand was able to deliver great collection each and every season and the fall/winter 2013-14 collection was no different. The overall look was punk gentleman, full of Suits & Ties, textures, sparkle, tweed woven and fur! The sunglasses, long army boots and accessories made it more dramatic and chic.  

Now I'll have to say that the men collection is great and I would wear each and every piece if I could, but I can't say the same about their women line since its very simple compared to the men line. 

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