02 February 2013

Exclusive Interview | House of Fatam

House of Fatam is a new brand that we predict will be a hit in the UAE and beyond. Created by three dynamic Emirati sisters who share many artistic passions. Their answers to our questions showed us how different yet similar their frame of mind and creativity are..honestly we can't wait to see more of their designs and photo-shoots!

1. Tell us more about you & the co-designers of House Of Fatam..

Lamya: Fatam is actually my younger sister Fatma’s nickname. Ever since she was a kid everyone started calling her Fatam and it is now the only name she goes by. We are three sisters with three different career backgrounds. I (Lamya) am an artist and photographer; Shaima’s background routed in research & economics and Fatma is a unique fusion of psychology & fashion.
Shaima: My mother is truly a beautiful and classical woman who is so confident and she is the soul of our fashion direction. Our matching bags and tea dresses with bows probably was the main subconscious instigator to initiating the brand.
Fatam: I started this brand two years ago whilst I was studying in Esmod, when my sisters decided that we should merge our talents and forces into the line I was ecstatic. My sisters have great style and the three of us working together only means a stronger more diverse brand. We also have very different approaches to fashion. My sister Shaima has the more sophisticated hippie chic look, which she adopts successfully in her everyday life, she is more like the Audrey Hepburn of her day. Lamya is more vintage loves dresses and the whole 50’s ear accentuating her feminine side. I love bling, fur, leather jackets and 6-inch heels. Mixing designer with high-street mixing textiles making fashion my own.

2. When did the idea of starting your own fashion line come to you?

Lamya: I think we all subconsciously were considering it but never truly expressed our desire to undertake this route (except Fatam), as we were all busy with our own professional routes.
Shaima: It happened naturally Lamya & I were on the phone and it popped into the conversation somehow. We were already discussing our jewelry line and boom we decided lol to get into fashion. Course we had to talk to my youngest sister about the possibility of us three joining forces lol. But it seemed like an exciting endeavor. We always discuss fashion and are opinionated about fashion and style. “One should either be a work of art, or wear a work of art.” Oscar Wilde                                                  
Fatam: There is a lot of trust in our sisterly relationship and we always have each others backs so I knew that they would definitely bring a lot to the line and label. Binging our creative skills together meant a stronger more diverse line.

3. Tell us more about your label.

Lamya: A great selection of tea dresses, jackets, skirts and abayas. All influenced by our own personal take on fashion. The key words are feminine, women, print & hippe chic simple an easy to wear.
Shaima: Elegance is key and we wanted to present our styles in that manner. A lot of focus on pattern and textiles. Every piece is unique in it's own right and every piece is as important as the next item we create.
Fatam: It’s important to make and create items you love. Adding that extra spice of personality and personal touches but still accessible and flexible enough for the modern day woman to explore. Our line is sophisticated but easy to wear and stylish.

4. What are your favorite colors to work with and why?

Lamia:My favorite colors change with every season now I am strong advocate of dark purples and navy's.
Shaima: I love mustards and greys. Once could say if there were a favorite season of colors for me it would have to autumn. The depth and richness of the tones truly compliments women in the region.
Fatma: I love white on white. It’s truly a magical and it never goes out of style. Everyone looks good in white. I also love light blue as it compliments my complexion.

5. Who is the lady that you imagine would wear House of Fatam items?

Lamya: A woman who is not afraid to explore and mix & match and reinvent herself with every piece.
Shaima: Women reflect their personalities through their clothes. I think women who love beauty and celebrate their femininity will appreciate and love the stuff that we are exhibiting.
Fatam: The collection is made for everyone and I believe. I would wear a lot of the pieces myself. Like my sister said earlier it is a celebration of women and their femininity.

6. How do you define your city's fashion?

Lamya: Fashion in Dubai is an exploding scene when it comes to fashion everyone celebrates it in their own way. It’s an exciting city to be in and is truly inspirational.
Shaima: I agree. I think Dubai offers so much and leaves great room for exploration and everyone is so welcoming of fashion and the arts.
Fatam: You can never be bored here. You find inspiration and imagination wherever you go. It is hard to keep up with the pace of how fast things evolve here but it is very exciting. Women & men all love fashion and are not afraid to show it or be apologetic about it.

7. We're so in love with the photos, please tell us more about the concept behind your campaign?

Lamya: We sat down and decided to brainstorm a concept. Since our collection has a hippie glam look we decided to go Frida Kahlo meets midsummer nights dreamsince I was in charge of photography I had to make sure the vision implemented would work well photographically. We didn't want it to look tacky or take away from the clothes too much.
Shaima: We send in our ideas and try and narrow things down. We are just very lucky that the three of us come from different fields because that truly helped us with the direction of the shoot. I love Mexican culture and anything Latin. The bright colors and vibrancy it’s truly enchanting.
Fatam: We sent our inspirations and concluded one final mood board. Frieda, flowers and vibrancy. We try to utilize our skills as much as possible. Both my sisters and me worked as the stylists for the shoot as well as in art direction and assisting Lamia whilst she sets up and takes the photographs. We make a great team and I am so lucky to be working with my sisters.

8. Where do you see House of Fatam going? Any city in mind you'd like to see it being sold?

Lamya: We would love to one day expand in the region and hopefully internationally. Maybe London, Paris, New York? It would be exciting to see where we would go from here.
Shaima: Would be amazing to be in New York. I find the fashion there to be thriving and eclectic.
Fatam: Europe & the ME! New York & LA definitely! My sister always tells me that if we keep a positive vibe and energy and have faith then anything is possible. My sister Lamya is a law of attraction enthusiast so she constantly sends texts about aligning our energies lol and focusing on the final product and future.

9. Who are some of your favorite designers?

Lamya: Oscar de la Renta, Marni, Pucci, Dries Van Noten. Malene Birger
Shaima: Etro and classics like Chanel & Dior.
Fatam: Balmain, Miu Miu, Roksanda Illincic & Alaia. The list is Endless.

10.What are your favorite fashion stores, sites, books or blogs..

Lamia: I love bookstores in general. Being a photographer I am constantly looking up photography books and whenever I am travelling I stock up on so many books that I have a huge collection at my house, studio & my parents. My sister Shaima has a massive collection of historical, political and social economic books obviously influenced by her profession.
Shaima: We are constantly borrowing things from each other lol. I love creating collages of inspiration in my sketchbook. Anything from furniture to fashion to art if I love it I cut it out and document it somehow. It allows me to keep track of things and if I am ever blocked I look back at it for inspiration. My travels have also influenced I love hunting down great bargains at antique markets.
Fatma: Music videos, magazines even TV series. I don't have a favorite shop. I mean my sisters and me obviously love Sauceand we are always dropping in to the village mall to see their stuff and we also love Symphony in Dubai mall it presents a great mix of international and regional designers, which I personally love. Dubai mall is a great place to be inspired just walking around Fashion Avenue is enough to turn your head. I can never turn a good shopping trip down.

11.Where can our readers find out more about you and your work?

Lamya: We are having a small humble open house event in my house on the 22nd of November in Dubai showcasing our debut line. We will exhibit our collection, which includes a wide variety of tea dresses, skirts, jackets and even abayas. If anyone is interested in coming in for tea & cupcakes whilst browsing at the collection you are more than welcome. If interested in coming please email me on houseoffatam@gmail.com and I will send the map & invite. Of course you lovely ladies at Lamodarabia are more than welcome and we would love to see you there!
Shaima: We would love to see you all there and present our line. We do not have a website as of the moment but as we progress inshalla we will and hopefully set up a shop. Right now we want to focus on presenting our vision to the world and learn and grow from this experience.
Fatam: We are trying to have them showcased and sold at different venues. God bless instagram at this point and twitter.We will keep all of you up to date with everything that is happening!

Written: Amal Ismail & Hussa AlTubbaji 
Photos:courtesy of house of fatam
Collage by: Hussa Al-Tubbaji 
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