28 January 2013


Fashionable duo Dina Abdulhadi Daryani & Samantha Kayruz Chami decided to join forces in theDRESSroom.com, an extensive online selection of over 2000 designer evening gowns and dresses. Dina & Samantha are modern Middle Eastern women who juggle family obligations, professional pursuits and social commitments. Their challenge to find THE dress for family soirees, avant garde functions, work and play motivated them to set up theDRESSroom.com, the online destination to find the right dress for every type of occasion. Ladies of the Middle East can mesmerize onlookers with the most fabulous, stunning gowns. With a wide selection of impeccable styles, gorgeous fabrics and authentic designer brands, theDRESSroom.com has come to save the day …and night.

Modern ladies need dresses that accentuate their natural beauty in many other settings, from casual gatherings to working at the office, cocktail parties, graduation parties to many other occasions. theDRESSroom.com offers a collection of dresses that celebrates every body shape, size, lifestyle and budget and they are swiftly delivered to your door.
 Even ladies with special requirements can find a wide array of choices at theDRESSroom.com with fashionable petite and large size dresses, exquisite maternity dresses, conservative modest dresses, and dresses that celebrate the traditions of Middle Eastern culture. Whatever you are looking for in a dress, you are sure to go on an online shopping experience that enhances your look and adds to your beauty with sheer elegance.

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