29 January 2013

Marriam Mossalli | Shoes, Drama And More

This interview was done almost half a year ago but finally got published today, Marriam Mossalli isn't only the founder of Niche Arabia, www.shoesanddrama.com and Editor-At-Large for Marie Claire Arabia, she's also what I like to call a fashion activist, dedicating her spare time always for the sake of fashion & style, communicating with her social media buddies even if super busy! This is probably one of the most interesting interviews we have done on our blog, I will let you read her answers to discover on your own how honest, tenacious and funny she really is..

Tell us more about you & your professional background:
I have over 7 years experience in media, but I'm not old! ;) I graduated from university and literally jumped--stilettos first--into work! I began in the Advertising industry, writing TVCs and content for clients as a Content Developer. My transition into media was a sort of fluke: I had a client, who happened to be a designer, ask me to edit an article that a magazine was going to publish on her. She had been so pleased with the work I did for her website that she trusted me to completely rewrite the article. The magazine then asked her for my contacts and hired as their senior journalist. The rest is shoes and drama...

What was the first thing that got you interested in fashion? 
I think I was born with the "style gene" it exists... well, at least according to the Huffington Post. As a kid, I used to reinvent myself every summer with a new wardrobe! I'd save my money all year and then splurge when I traveled on summer vacation. My friends would come over to my house and watch me unpack to see what was the new trend--cartoon t-shirts, striped tops, that was all me!

Tell us more about your company "Niche" and what's your aspiration regarding this new field of business? 
The idea was actually planted one September at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in NYC. I was meeting with designers and they all kept saying the same thing: 'The Saudi market is so important." And they voiced they same concern--they all lacked someone they trusted, who could be their eyes--and hands--on the ground in Saudi. I had basically been giving advice and lending my expertise for years, it was time to take it to the next step. I saw...a niche, basically, in the market and knew it had to be addressed. Niche was our answer. Our goal is to offer people a unique experience through our various brands and professionally executed events. It's about creating buzz, getting people excited, and then delivering the goods! 

What are your future dreams?
I want to pursue film as a scriptwriter. Many people may not know this.

What future projects, events should we expect?
A lot of brand launches! High-caliber designer collaborations that will just blow people's minds! As you can tell, I'm pretty excited myself! Oh, and we have more fashion and trunk shows planned for this year! We have so many designers eager to come to Saudi and finally meet their loyal fans face-to-face.

Your Fashion:
Describe your personal style... 
Well, as an editor, I'm forced to be quite eclectic. Some days I'm a minimalist (Rick Owens), other days I play dress-up-Daphne (think McQueen & Balmain), but if you really want to know the core fashion aesthetic of Marriam Mossali, I think you can deduce from my fashion icons, my style is classic. I want to style every outfit from Mad Men. I love body conscious dresses, especially now that I've put on weight and have curves (I had a complex growing up, no chest and bones, so now I'm obsessed with curves, even though I'm barely a B cup! As I always say "I have an hourglass figure with all the sand in the bottom!"
Name 3 fashion items you can't live without? 
My mini 2.55 Chanel--its so classic it looks vintage, my vintage designer sunglasses, I got a collection, well, its more like an addiction than a collection! haha and... a credit card? does that count...well, it should!
Who are your fashion icons? 

Ava Gardner, Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve
Name your most favorite fashion brands.. 

Galliano's Dior, Lanvin, Alexander McQueen's McQueen
Name 3 shops you buy from religiously... 

Dior. Dior. and yeah, Dior. (you did say religiously? And I am a Dior extremist) 
A designer you'd love to meet in person... 

Alber Elbaz!

The Runways...

Which collections did you like the most this year?
Lanvin. Ferragamo. Balenciaga.
Do you watch any fashion related shows on TV/online, if so which? 
PROJECT RUNWAY!!!!!!!! I'm obsessed... all the designers I feel I know better than my own family, and I want Tim Gunn to adopt me. When I interviewed Michael Kors for Madame Figaro in Paris, I swear, we just chatted like a bunch of school girls gossiping about Angelina Jolie! Love my Project Runway!  
Which fashion week is your favorite and why? 
Darling, its not!  For true fashionistas, every week is Fashion Week!
What trend would you like to come back from the past? 
Mary Janes! :)  
How can our readers establish relationships with Niche? also how can we all keep up to date
with your services and news?
We're social media addicts! So the best way is through our FB page (NicheArabia) or twitter (@NicheArabia), I'm also really active on my page (Marriam N Mossalli) and twitter (@Shoesanddrama), I post everything and anything on fashion and design! :) Readers should look out for the launch of my website: www.shoesanddrama.com that'll offer readers a peephole into the drama behind all my fashion adventures!

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