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18 December 2012

DIFF 2012 | Fashion & It's Horrors LMA & Shoesandrama Report

Last year we wrote about the red carpet fashion and people from all over visited that post and still do today, so we took that as a success sign! also the E Channel's Fashion Police follow us on twitter meaning we've officially been given the green light to say what we have to say. Now last year's style was way way better than this one, I swear it's like everyone's stylist died! even the people we chose as good dressers this year can't take decent credit for it since they were chosen amongst such disasters.We're writing DIFF fashion report this year with Marriam Mossalli from the famous and I hope everyone's a good sport & doesn't takes anything we say offensively but if you do, we can't help you with that really.. We're not trying to kiss your bee-hind like the rest! also DIFF is a respectable international film festival and we expect all attendees to look glamorous for it! so please next year invest money on a stylist instead of being stingy and depending on your poor judgement..yes I'm talking to you Mr/Mrs. fashion felon!
~ Amal Ismail
Amal: I really like Freida Pinto's golden Ralph Lauren dress, that blinged out neck saved it though. Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic dress & over all look was great! for a sportswoman she cleans up good.
Hussa: I honestly am a bit disappointed with Freida Pinto knowing she could totally do better! Tennis player Ana Ivanovic, looked great since I've never seen her on a red carpet before, the colors of her dress are my favorite but there was a bit of a problem at the fitting, over all she looked easy on my eyes! Egyptian  actress Sheri Adel looked very elegant, sometimes when you are not completely sure you have to play it safe and look good!
Marriam N Mossalli: Frieda Pinto got a taste of gold and apparently doesn't know how to let go! The best way to describe this gaudy get-up: Filim Hindi!", "GAME, SET, MATCH: Serbian tennis player Ana Ivanovic kills it in this Game of Thrones inspired get up! It's modern, conservative, and sexy! Well played my dear Ana!

Amal: Cate Blanchett can win Oscars till judgement day, I will still hate her style! specially this dress, ill-fitted and with the colors of an old Eid candy wrap, this Rodarte dress looked amazing on the model and was different. Singer Jahida Wehbe needs to know that she's a singer now, not an Arabic language teacher.
Hussa: There are too many wrong things with Cate Blanchett, I don't know where to start or end..its just super bad! Singer Jahida Wehbe..I'll leave you to Amal and Marriam, I'm really speechless :|
Marriam N Mossalli: Cate Blanchett looks like a Rodarte reject from a Cinderella casting! Reasons for not getting the part: Too old, too underwhelming, and wait, did I say too old?. Lebanese singer Jahida Wehbe forgot her pen. And paper."

Amal: This collage looks like a photo of Cinderella and her wicked step mom but it's not, this Cinderella is called Aseel Omran who's fairy god mother obviously cursed her that night, the dress looks like Hello-Kitty's vomit, and Shams "the wicked step-mom" you wearing that dress is just beyond what I can type! she's the reason why some women are forced to wear Abaya, cover yourself please.
Hussa: This is living proof that your pretty face is not and will not ever be enough for a photo or even a red carpet! Aseel's dress looks like a cheap gift that someone opened and decided to not continue, and Shams well the pose and the smile says it all "Snow White's Step Mom".
Marriam N Mossalli: Kris Jenner was in Dubai??!! And it looks like she's keeping up with her daughters and their "Worst-Dressed" worthy ensembles! the Emirates flight attendant is just happy to find someone dressed more ridiculous, The wedding cake this lady came off of is still lamenting!"
Amal:Producer Mohammad Al-Turki who's our home boy "from Khobar" I'm somewhat disappointed with, why did you do this? he always looks sharp but I'm guessing he's gotten sick & tired of all these festivals and wants to be left alone now..note taken! Director Abdullah Al-Kaabi however, he's such a stunner, always looking good in a tux or kandoora.
Hussa: Mohammad Al-Turki, I believe he is more comfortable in suits and tux and it shows a lot! Abdullah Al-Kaabi manages to look good no matter what he wears.
Marriam N Mossalli: Saudi producer Mohammed Al Turki is Saudi. Enough said. He doesn't have to look good. Abdullah Alkaabi is a cutie...He can't help it. I love this guy! And he looks like a proper little can you not be in love???

Amal: Director Ali Mosatfa looks super cool & chic, I like the risky scottish plaid pants! Joelle on the other hand, I cant stand that dress on her, the design is good but it's not made for women in her shape, she should know better she's a stylist "I think?" or was she a make up artist?
Hussa: Director Ali Mosatfa, I am in love with his suit, great style he looks dope! About Joelle, this doesn't suit her, note to all girls "Dont' try this at home".
Marriam N Mossalli: I didn't know Ali Mustapha had Scottish in him...that's the only way to explain those unflattering plaid pants... THE ONLY WAY! Ah, I love Joelle! she did okay.

Amal: I really like how Mahmud AbdulAziz & his wife Poussy Shalabi look, the dress on her is nice but made for a younger crowd! I'm still puzzled by why she's carrying that clutch. The two people who's names I dunno on the far right photo are the reason Aliens never abduct anyone from Gulf..
Hussa: Now Mahmud AbdulAziz & his wife are looking good together although I really don't like that she wore a dress like that, I mean for her age she looks great and fit but still this dress is not for her age group. Emarati Actress Ashjan has a great sense of humor which is so alive as "Um Alawi" from the famous UAE cartoon "FREEJ", however her fashion sense is dead! I won't even bother mentioning the guy next to her his pose and look are just creepy!
Marriam N Mossalli: Finally, someone at DIFF knows how to dress! Egyptian actor Mahmud Abdul Aziz accessorized with sunglasses at night and his wife Poussy Shalabi, woman of the night. These two star in the Bollywood versions of Game of Thrones and Downton Abbey, respectively.

Amal:Haifa Hussein looks adorable and well dressed, she's conservative and knows how to look stylish. Nermeen Alfaqee on the other hand wore a horrible dress that was beyond revealing!
Hussa: Haifa Hussein and her husband look great, she does very well on red carpets unlike oh her series which is very weird! Nariman Alfaqee, another wicked pose, and  horrible dress, doesn't seem to end.
Marriam N Mossalli: I like Bahraini actress Haifa Hussein's look. And how cute she brought her dad to the red carpet!
Amal: I think I ran out of ways to describe my discomfort with these two images.
Hussa: Now if you think about a sequins dress, I'm sure you'll have many pretty pictures in your head until you reach Maisa Almaghribi's dress, and you'll just hate sequins. I really don't know who is the person on the right picture, but all I can think about when I see her picture is "What were you thinking?"
Marriam N Mossalli: I'm always cautious when it comes to velvet, but this beauty nailed the face and hair, so I don't think anyone is paying that much attention below her neck... and thank god, because that V-waistline wouldn't flatter anyone. Lady in Bling compared the the hot messes seen on the red carpet this woman looks like Angelina Jolie...or perhaps not.

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