11 November 2012

The Edge Your Closet Needs | John Lery

John Lery a brand hailing from NY to our surprise since we thought it was Japanese or Korean from the design is one the most fast growing edgy-punked style brands that are slowly becoming mainstream & accepted by many these days, its extraordinary and well made by hand pieces really make take more than a second look, so I warn you! you'll be mesmerized by the end of this post. Personally I like classic-chic items yet I found this brand utterly intoxicating, I'd recommend something from this any given day in a heart beat..

"JOHNLERY is a New York City based accessory line from Johnlery Itugot. We sell studded hats and accessories inspired by punk rock, indie fashion and glam rock. Each products is hand studded/crafted. He believes in individuality and self-expression and he wanted to bring that philosophy in to his design.We live in this society where individuality or uniqueness is considered weird, he wanted to help people to stand up and love themselves as who they are through fashion."http://johnlery.com 

Article by: Amal Ismail
Photos:courtesy of johnlery.com
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