09 November 2012

Schield Designer Interview | Roberto Ferlito

Everyone that knows me knows that one of my most favorite accessories are Bracelets & Necklaces so its only natural that this campaign captured my attention few months ago and only by chance found out who the designer & photographer were! This brand is here to stay, it has the amazing Italian craftsmanship that is full of innovative design and vision, that's really what makes a piece timeless..Roberto and his team are honestly doing a great job and they are reaping the fruits of their hard work now, I really enjoy the idea behind each piece! You can find a skull, lime on a stick, stars, rabbit heads, ants and bees, all made with Swarovski..It's basically heaven if you like to add bizarre & glamor to your jewellery box..Here's what the designer had to say about his work and more..

You started your brand in 2009 tell us more about it and yourself..
Schield was born thanks to the collaboration with one of the most important Italian companies specialized in high jewelry. The stylistic choice of brand is aimed at a kind of girl who loves to play with the details and especially dares fancy. One of the distinctive concepts of Schield is the surprise effect, playing with shapes and subjects reinventing the volumes and shapes, so as to give a concept at first glance, but look closely you'll find  an unexpected detail that makes the piece typically Schield.

When did you realize you wanted to become a jewellery designer?
It all began with my first work experience. I studied in Milan for a year as a designer of women's clothing, when I finished the training, I got a job at Roberto Cavalli, which has allowed me a great career growth in creating jewelry, giving me the opportunity to specialize in a whole new world that makes me realize and let me know what my passion and fun was.

What inspires you to make a new piece?
Honestly, it's all very random, I like to imagine the new trend and make it my own, creating something that is both timely and unusual.

What was the first thing you ever designed?
The first piece I designed was the star bracelet, which is still required. It's one of the pieces that made Schield a recognizable brand and certainly wearing it does not make you go unnoticed.

Which items do you like making "necklace, rings, cuffs.."
I like to make all kinds of accessories but necklaces are my favorite because it's the accessory that enhances the most expressive parts of a woman's face: eyes and lips.

Do you have a favorite metal, stone that you love working with the most?
One of the materials that we use most is brass with a micron of gold plating which guarantees a high quality. Besides, thanks to the collaboration with Swarovski we use only Swarovski Elements to embellish our pieces creating wonderful pavè hand-finished making our collections prestigious.
Your photo-shoots  seem so artistic & imaginative, tell us more about your latest campaign & the concept behind it..    
The campaign perfectly reflects what Schield is, It tells of a girl who lives in a parallel world, almost hallucinogenic, in a surreal landscape that could be identified as a spring freeze. Photos were made by Spanish photographer Diego Diaz Marin. Together we were able to capture the spirit of the collection.   

"Schield Collection has been featured in many magazines and prominent fashion sites"
What does style, design & fashion mean to you?
Honestly I don't give importance to these three words. For me, creating is something that comes from within naturally.
What are some of your favorite fashion websites, sites, magazines or books?
I often look at style.com  and Vogue Paris.

Name 3 fashion items you can't live without.. 
My look is very simple: I usually wear American Apparel t-shirts and Prada jeans and shoes.

Do you have fashion icon/icons, tell us about them if so... 
Carine Roitfeld and Marie Chaix are my favourite. Diego Diaz Marin is my favorite photographer.

Name 3 celebs or artists or fashion editor who you'd like to see wearing your jewellery..
Certainly Carine Roitfeld and Rihanna

Name shops you buy from religiously..
I often buy from Prada and American Apparel

Where can readers find out more about you and your amazing work?
Readers can find out more information on our web site: www.schieldcollection.com  or on instagram @ schieldcollection.

Winter 2012 Campaign Photographer by:  
Diego Diaz Marin

You guys can order your favorite from Schield Collection candy directly from their site:
Favorite Piece 1

Favorite Piece 2

Favorite Piece 3

 Interview Questions & Photo Collage by:
Amal Ismail
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