24 November 2012

Saudi Designers That Make Us Proud: Vol.1

We've been keeping an eye on fashion designers in the region for quite a while now and specially the ones from Saudi Arabia, however I believe that we didn't do them justice on our blog, we probably interviewed some before and  met others but I believe we need to shed more light on these innovative fashion industry makers of today, tomorrow and the future. Here are my choices for the 1st volume of Saudi designers who've made a huge impact locally or internationally, I'm not gonna state more about them as I know if you've taken interest in reading this post you've probably seen & heard of them all. Lastly this post is simply a big thank you for their hard work, overcoming obstacles and always having an open mind regarding design and never compromising when it came to originality, you are wonderful and we simply wanted you to know it, thank you for making Saudi Arabia a country that produces fashion designers of a high caliber that leave  an unmeasurable effect on the world of fashion.

Written by: Amal Ismail
Photos: courtesy of razanalazzouni.com, urtoby.com, omarazure.com, .rk-designs.com
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