15 November 2012

Model Exclusive Interview | Juan Yanes

Modeling in today's fashion world is one of the most important industries and what would fashion be without a face and a body to represent it? Male and female models are important as they market and represent brands to the public. Our interview is with Juan Yanes, one of the rising new male models in Europe with experience and a great resume, starting at the EMA and working with A list models such as David Gandy...Here is our interview with the lovely Juan...

Agency: Traffic- Spain, Independent - Milan ,Red - New York.
Location: New York, Madrid, Milan.

Tell us about yourself...
I am an open-minded guy who is honest, and I like to enjoy what I do in life.
Tell us how your modeling career started? How were you discovered?
I was discovered by a talent agency in Spain and since then, I can't complain!
Why did you want to work as a model?
Well, I love fashion so much.. I like to stay stylish and to follow the new trends, so I said to myself why not work in this field?
When was your first big job as a model? and with whom?
It was with Eva Longoria at the EMA-2010, this was my first great shot and I was delighted to work with the lovely Eva. 
What has been your favorite shoot / campaign / work to date?
Without a doubt the campaign for the Iron Palace - Mexico with David Gandy.
Who is favorite photographer?
Sebastian Faena .
Do you still ever get shy in front of the camera?
At the beginning it's a must but after a while you relax and give your best, otherwise many pictures won't come out right.
What was your best modeling experience?
My trips to New York always are big experiences! Jejeje
What are the good sides and the bad sides of your job as a model?
The best part is travelling and getting to meet people, the worst part is the casting plus the fact that you can't be with your friends and family at all times.
Do you think attending a fashion modeling courses is important for a career in modeling?
I believe this is absurd, the most important thing is for you to believe in your self and to have the confident.

Do you think you're good looking?
I prefer people answer this question.... jejeje .
How much time do you spend at the gym?
A lot of people ask me this question, well I go to the gym for 1hr and I run a lot as well! 
What languages do you speak?
Spanish and English.
You get to travel a lot for your work, what's your favorite city and why?
My favorite city is New York, It is full of life, of people, a lot of things to do
What is your favorite fashion week?
Milan, it has very much style
5 things you can't live without?
My dog, family, friends, books and music
If you weren't modeling what would you see yourself doing?
I finished my law degree, so I'll probably be a lawyer
What are your up coming projects?
Now I am in Spain for a while, and later I will go to Milán, New York and Miami
A word for the young people who are considering Modeling as a future career...
To be a model is a great thing, but it is hard and SOMETIMES you must have clear that you have to study also to have a better future.

For more on Juan's news & career you can follow him on Twitter: @JuanYanesGB
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