24 October 2012

Nahar for A\W Collection Harvey Nichols, Riyadh

Every one heard few weeks ago about the amazing event held at Harvey Nichols in Riyadh and seen their ad campaign showing the man behind the mask for their Autumn-Winter Collection, we got an exclusive interview with Nahar Mohammed who along with Harvey Nichols brought to light this amazing event which is one of it's kind in the kingdom, we really enjoyed the answers he shared with us so honestly & humbly about fashion, style and how it can make an impact to change society to the better..here's what he had to say:

What does fashion mean to you?    
As many of the designers around the world says, fashion is something that comes after style,  fashion for me is a behavior, its an element you can play with to present your personality as I always say (The way you style yourself is the way you present your personality).
Tell us about your collaboration with Harvey Nichols?                   
Harvey Nichols this A\W collection is very different from head to toe , the accessories and everything was  Epic, I'm so Glad that Harvey Nichols picked me to present their collection in my fashion agency and to be the face of so many wonderful designers,  such as  Y3 , Daniele Flesoli and many others. I tried to do mix and match with each  item to present to the man who is confident and comfortable but in a more stylish way .
What do you think of the fashion scene in the kingdom?
I see the fashion industry in the kingdom  is growing so fast witch is super, even though we still don’t have  many talented designers specially for Men's wear plus poor support from the officials but I believe  if we keep going in this same level we can do the change .   
When did you realize you wanted to become a fashion designer or in fashion?
I'm not a fashion designer at the moment yet, but I can tell that it was a dream to make the man of my country look much better and more confident in his look, and try to give the knowledge, it's dosn't matter how handsome or ugly you are, what actually matters is what you are wearing because that's how you can speak out about your personality .
Who are some of your favorite designers? 
Locally I have seen Nosh designs by Nora, she's doing great, specially when she takes the risk to design for men and also RK designs by Reem Al Kanhal, she is a super talented girl in the everyday wear and Razan Azzouni as well. Internationally I adore Karl Lagerfeld,  I consider him the smartest man ever for keeping Chanel  House in the same touch and Paul smith.

 Do you consider yourself an artist? 
I'm different that’s what I consider my self, I have an imagination which is the most important element for any artist around the world and I have a concept which also keeps me producing my creativity  .

 How would you define your personal style?
My style is the reflection of my personality, I'm a classic person who adores shirts and vintage wear, I do wear blazer jacket with shorts during the summer time, black and gold are my favorite colors and trying to make my style timeless .

 What advice do you have for aspiring fashion designers in KSA and the world?
Study the history of  fashion, have the knowledge, it doesn't matter to have a course in fashion or classes , try do designs what you feel about yourself and make your brand reflect you own style, focus on one thing and to be known for it, your imagination is your weapon . 

 What are some of your fashion goals?
To correct all the misunderstanding about the fashion industry among the Saudi Society and to help the new generation & young people  to understand their style and to come up with new ideas to destroy all the bad habits in the fashion in our community.

What are some of your favorite fashion websites, magazines, channels or books? 
Lucky us we have many and many of fashion websites and fashion bloggers but sometimes I don’t have the time to go through it but yours is one of my fave, I'm more into books and magazines, these days I'm reading Chanel The Black Book

  Where can our readers find out more about you and your work?
Naharfashionistas.com is the first thing in my life now, where you can find me in details, its my first fashion agency and it’s the 1st fashion agency in KSA, have a look at it hope you like it .

Photos: courtesy of nahar & harvey nichols
Interview by: Amal Ismail
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