19 October 2012

Best Dressed - Mahiki & Flair Fashion

 Photography: Ayaad Damouni - Blue Dress FW12 Dabya collection by Dabya Al Khuleifi
Few weeks ago Mahiki Dubai hosted their monthly fashion finale and we've teamed up with Flair Magazine to choose who was best dressed for that night. There were some disastrous fashion crimes to be honest but this post won't be the wall of shame!Anyhow, if you read this you've been warned, nxt time we wont be as kind. Now we've chosen the ones who we thought dressed to impress.

Lastly, if you're on this post, you are one of the best dressed and THANK YOU for making the effort. FYI: we don't personally know any of the people in these photos or their names and that's why it's great because it  proves that we were objective in our selections & have no biased opinions..

Written & Selected by: Amal Ismail & Hussa G.
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