25 September 2012

Karen Millen KSA | New Collection & Sale

Start the new week with a new style of fashion. Check out Karen Millen gorgeous fashion must for Autumn-Winter 2012-2013, it's now available as a chic seasonal in all Karen Millen Shops! Also, take the last opportunity of sales on The Spring- Summer 2012 Collection 70% on all items.

 Make sure to visit your local shop in:
Al- Khobar: Karen Millen - Al-Rashid Mall- Corniche Road, Al-Khobar, Telephone: 03-8982955
Dhahran: Karen Millen - Mall of Dahran- Telephone: 03-8684606 
Dammam: Karen Millen - Al-Shatea Mall- Corniche Road, Dammam- Telephone: 03-8097024
Jeddah: Karen Millen - Jeddah Mall- Tahliya St., Jeddah.- Telephone: 02-6677236
Karen Millen - Stars Avenue- King Road/Sari St., Jeddah.- Telephone: 02-2754801
Riyadh: Karen Millen - Panorama Mall- Riyadh- Takhassosi St., Riyadh.- Telephone: 01-2814838
Karen Millen - Al-Faisaliya Mall- Olaya St., Riyadh- Telephone: 01-2734160


19 September 2012


For more info. about Furla in Saudi Arabia please 
visit & "Like" their FB page Click Here

On the occasion of the Moscow VFNO, Furla has created, in absolute exclusive for the top model NATALIA VODIANOVA, a special version of the Piper Lux. The bag is made in python in the warm and shaded tone "rosada", enriched by a numbered plate and engraved with the name of the top model. The bag will be sold only in Moscow and the entire revenue from its sale will be donated to support Vodianova’s Charity, The Naked Heart Foundation. Furla’s iconic bag Piper Lux embodies the values of the brand: accurate design, contemporary and essential style, elegance, simplicity and attention to detail. Launched in the spring-summer 2012 and instantly became a must-have, the Piper Lux bag lends itself to many interpretations and variations through the use of fine leathers and innovative materials.


08 September 2012

Suno| Resort 2013

SUNO NY WE LOVE YOU! That's all I can say, when we received the email from them we were blown away! Fall2012 was amazing but this Resort Collection surpassed it, I'd wear them all! such elegance and artistic feel in this collection! I'm dying here..

Written by:Amal Ismail
Photos: courtesy of SUNO

07 September 2012

Korean Wave | Fashion, KPOP & KDRAMA

YG Family Concert Poster 2011

We're so happy today that the whole world has finally embraced what Korea has to offer! I dunno if it's the Galaxy phones that have pretty much made most of us chuck our phones in the bin or simply because the world has gotten sick & tired of the repetitive technology, music, series and fashion, anyhow Hussa and I are serious KPOP fans and dream of going to Seoul one day to shop, attend 2NE1, Big Bang & The YG Annual concerts, and maybe if we're lucky get a fashion invite with a Korean A-List studed event "Yes, we dream such weird dreams for arab girls" but hey! we're not typical and we take pride in this..If you have no idea what the heck this post is about then allow us to brainwash you GANGNAM STYLE with Psy's global hit single Click here for the music video. Korean singer Psy is a YG Family member who's video got more than 100 million hits on youtube in 52 days only!

  FYI: “Gangnam” is a wealthy district of Seoul, like Beverly Hills in the US

Second great Korean export is Psy's label-mates, known as the female version of "BIG BANG[1]"  the girl band 2NE1 who have mad skills in dancing, style and of course singing, their genre is hip-hop/pop which is a good combonation even though not always easily done by others, they won many awards including a recent MTV Iggy "Best new band in the world" title which says it all, let's begin with our favorite song from last year "I am the best" Click here which is an empowering song!!

2NE1 did a recent photo-shoot with superstar Will.I.Am 

Since we're really like this group we'll give you a little introduction session of what to look to and what to expect when you Listen/Watch 2NE1 specially that they will be having their international debut soon with the  most talented producer at the moment Will.I.Am of the BEP

CL preforming with Will.I.Am at MAMA 2011

The group consists of 4 members, Bom who is a makeup and nail arts fanatic, Dara who has the craziest hair do's in the kpop industry, Minzy who  is a great dancer with a boyish charm and style and CL the fashionista, CL's fashion sense is never wrong, designers from all over the world love to dress her and  she has great relationships with the Original himself Jeremy Scott and also with the French designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac.

2NE1 in GarthPugh

She and her fellow members were picked many times by follow Kpop artists and fashion experts as the No.1 fashion icons in the female category... here are some of there looks plus an interview with 2NE1 OnStyle here, and their fashionable performance of their latest hit "I Love You" which is a modern Trot made by the brilliant Teddy Park who is the  main producer at YG Entertainment.

CL's flawless fashion sense.
Bom's doll like makeup and nail-art 
Dara's crazy hair, this girl really mange to look good no matter what!

Minzy's boyish charm, she should keep the blue hair for ever <3
2NE1's Youtube Channel here
Third Korean export is the boys of "BIG BANG" according to Wikipedia the band "Has been labeled the "Revolutionary Group of Korean Music Wave" for their unique urban-originated music and fashion style. The members' involvement in composing and producing their own music, most notably G-Dragon's, has earned the group respect and praise from music industry experts."

Daesung, Taeyang, G-Dragon,T.O.P and Seungri

We love them also for their fashion sense obviously since we're a fashion blog we must mention that they basically get all the runway looks regularly "this include the 2NE1 girls too" we've noticed many customized high-fashion names such as Balmain, Lanvin & Herems to accommodate the styling needs of the singers, they're also regulars on all fashion related magazines in Korea & Japan of course its no surprise since they are the No.1 males fashion icons in Asia.

You gotta love T.O.P's hair color..

Regarding fashion sense leader GD was mentioned through CNNgo.com back in 2011 as one of the reasons why Seoul is the world's greatest city (read more...), his fashion made it big in Asia and the world, for his unique and bold choices, so are his group-mates T.O.PDaesungTaeyang and Seungri you can check some of our favorite looks by the boys below and check their music and videos on their Youtube channel here.

(from top to bottom: GD, Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri and T.O.P <3)
In this post we are only focusing on the YG Family since they are our favorite, wither they sing, rap or act and here are the family members...

Se7en is an actor, performer & a singer, he can dance perfectly and his pretty face is a bounce of course. watch more of him here or watch him with his label-mate T.O.P <3  below.

Digital Bounce Live

GUMMY is a charismatic singer with  passion for R&B music, her voice is a combination of strong and mellow tunes which captures your ear and engage you in her music by heart & soul. Listen to her beautiful voice here

The beautiful Yoo In Na (actress) check  her out in our favorite dramas:

Goo Hye-sun and some of her paintings

Next in line is YG's Golden Girl Goo Hye-sun who is an actress, an artist, a musician, a singer, a writer and a director and also an admirer of Leonardo Da Vinci.  She is best known for her role as Geum Jan-di in the hit TV show Boys Over Flowers, she is a very talented and focused female artist who sets a great role model for females all around the world, women can do it all perfectly!

Tablo Fever's End 

Last but not least, the newest YG Family member Tablo, who is basically a polished artist, he is a writer, a producer and a rapper with  masters in creative writing! Amal and I are still not over his first solo album which was produced under YG Entertainment, the lead single Bad is a great emotional rap piece about love. Tablo explained the song saying "It’s not a song dedicated to bad people, but for people that are inherently nice but turn bad because of love" . check the single out and watch it with Arabic sub here also Check Tablo's Youtube channel here

At the end we would like to mention that what got us attracted to the YG family from the start was the music of course however it wasn't the music alone... YG Entertainment have the best styling crew in all the Korean entertainment industry!! Trust us when we say that, we do watch a lot of KDrama, Kpop shows and videos and no one do it YG style, they have all the brands before anyone plus each and every individual  in the company have his/her own style this family are simply CHIC, they take care of the finest details including the dancers, hair, clothes and makeup so they don't look like a total mess around their singers, in another word they care.

We tired to find some information about their amazing styling team to give them some credit in this post but all what we have is this picture of GD and 2NE1's stylists who happens to be his close friends, Ooooh how we'd love to have an interview with the two of them </3
Yang Seung Ho, GD and Lee Hyun Jung
We hope you enjoyed this brain wash session as much as we enjoyed preparing and writing it. Finally do not miss Psy's performance tonight on the VMA 2012We believe its going to be an EPIC PERFORMANCE!!

 Written & Photo Collage by: Amal Ismail & Hussa G. Altubbaji
Photos & Videos: courtesy of YG Entertainment & other websites


06 September 2012

Happy Fashion's Night Out 2012

It's here again! the biggest fashion event in the world, tonight the whole celebrates style and indulgence! last year we had a special exclusive review from Paris and can only imagine what will happen this year in all the fashion capitals..here's a sneak peek of photos and the video that is not only star-studded but also designers studded, tell us via twitter how many big named designers you've spotted in the video!

Tonight: U.S, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain, Russia, Mexico, Australia and Korea

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