21 August 2012

Brand Alert | Kawi Jamele SS2012

KAWI JAMELE 2012 S/S Photo:Takashi Yoshida
Model:Eriko Nakao Stylist:Tetsuya Nishimura Hair&Make up:Yuya Nara
Kawi Jamele is Arabic for "Strong Beauty" this brand is a collaboration with Japanese singer/song writer Kato Miliyah and has lived up to it's name! vibrant colors and amazing prints no wonder the brand was chosen to show their new collection on the Girls Award SS2012 Show, It was by far my favorite brand of all the collections shown in the event and I searched online for it but couldn't find it or else I would have shared the video of the event with you here..would love to read your comments on this.

"Yesterday, the fashion designer KAWI JAMELE opened her first store in the Laforet building in Harajuku with a special guest, Kato Miliyah.  The popular R&B singer showed up to help greet the new customers."

Comments by: Amal Ismail
Photos: courtesy of kawi jamele, fashionjapan
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