21 August 2012

Brand Alert | Kawi Jamele SS2012

KAWI JAMELE 2012 S/S Photo:Takashi Yoshida
Model:Eriko Nakao Stylist:Tetsuya Nishimura Hair&Make up:Yuya Nara
Kawi Jamele is Arabic for "Strong Beauty" this brand is a collaboration with Japanese singer/song writer Kato Miliyah and has lived up to it's name! vibrant colors and amazing prints no wonder the brand was chosen to show their new collection on the Girls Award SS2012 Show, It was by far my favorite brand of all the collections shown in the event and I searched online for it but couldn't find it or else I would have shared the video of the event with you here..would love to read your comments on this.

"Yesterday, the fashion designer KAWI JAMELE opened her first store in the Laforet building in Harajuku with a special guest, Kato Miliyah.  The popular R&B singer showed up to help greet the new customers."

Comments by: Amal Ismail
Photos: courtesy of kawi jamele, fashionjapan

19 August 2012

Fashion & Style Photographer Obsession | Nabile Quenum


Street style photography is one of the most influential tools in the fashion world, it's where brand owners, boutique buyers see their own items on people, street style specially shows us how every person has their own unique style and how one portraits themselves all over their clothes or accessorizing methods, now after all this warm up comes the news, lately I have been obsessing about certain street style photos and by chance found out today that they were all done by one amazing photographer named Nabile Quenum, all I can say is that the guy is amazing and he's gonna be even more famous in future! HE is my number 1 hot-shot fashion prediction for this year..you can see all his work for fashion shows too on his website here enjoy!!!

Comments by: Amal Ismail
Photos: courtesy of nabilequenum.com

17 August 2012

Lana Del Rey for H&M | AW2012

It's finally out! been waiting for ages to see the photos and it looks super as expected but as I said EXPECTED, kindda wished H&M did a little more with the styling but hey hey! I'm not gonna complain.I love Lana Del Rey and so do millions of people and that should be quite enough for us to buy this collection, cant wait to get the items I want and then snap a shot of it with her CD on top of the pile..just dunno when it will be in stores? It has to be in September because Anna's is in October..anyhow, I'm only speculating and thinking out loud here! will tweet about th dates for sure when I get them so make sure to follow lamodarabia on twitter, now the rest of the photos! enjoy ;)

Comments by: Amal Ismail - Photos: courtesy of H&M

15 August 2012

Ohhh Eid Mubarak, Net-a-porter Style!

Received a nice Eid email from net-a-porter that was full of fashion goodies , loved so many items on their list but these are the ones that made the cut! 
Loved Loved Loved:

You can find them all here:

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