06 June 2012

Blogging-Model Interview | Mariano Di Vaio

We've decided to do interviews with our favorite and inspirational people of 2012 and we've been sending interviews non-stop these weeks. Meet Mariano (if you already don't know him) who's basically "IT" when it comes to fashion & style, he's a model who likes to blog about his outfits, events and projects, showing men around the globe that it's easy too look good without any hassle. His sense of style is what you might call hippie-chic and like most of you I definitely wanted to know more about him & his opinion on men's fashion and this is what he had to say..

Tell us more about you & your professional background.. 

My background is full of colors, I started my Model career five years ago in London, when I got recruited at the same time by the FM model agency and by “Abercrombie & Fitch” store.To be honest at the beginning I didn’t have that big success but modeling was just helping me pay the bills and stuff.

What was the first thing that got you interested in fashion?

I don’t want to be so vain but I would say money, hahah. You know when you are eighteen and you can pay both rent bills and everything yourself without your parent’s help it feels like “WOW” except for that, it was the feeling I got the first time I realized I was more secure, strong and comfortable just because I was sure of what I was wearing, when I realized that I started getting interested in fashion more and more.

Tell us about your blogging experience? and how do you make time for it? 

Something like two years ago I found myself interested in others people's blogs but I couldn’t find one that fits me the way I wanted that have the “street style” I liked, so I decided to make my own and It had a lot of success that I didn't expect.

Advice you'd like to give men who are clueless about what to wear.. 

I want to say don’t worry about the brand or the style or the price of your shirt, just wear what you feel comfortable with! You don’t need to compare yourself to any one so just wear what you feel to wear, trust me its going to look better than anything else.

What are your future projects & dreams?
I’ve got a lot of projects and offers I’ve been receiving at the moment and is not a good thing because I hate to choose (laughs) but one of those is to make my own “mdv style line” for a brand (I can’t tell you more).

Your Fashion:

Who are your fashion icon/icons? 
I don’t really have one, I love Jon Kortajarena, who is a big top Model because of his life style, also Mr.Giorgio Armani, always elegant and casual at the same time with that black t-shirt that he always wears and a lot of people but I wouldn’t define them as my fashion icons, they’re just people I admire.

Name 3 fashion items you can't live without.. 
Ok, I'm 100% sure (laugh) Sunglasses, white t-shirt and my Levis Jeans.

Name your most favorite fashion brands.. 
Roberto Cavalli, Levis, Scotch & Soda, Prada,Hugo Boss. “Top man” as well!

Do you prefer high fashion or high street for daily wear? I PREFER HIGH STREET STYLE ALL LIFE LONG!  But I guess I’m a mix of both!

Name 3 shops you buy from religiously.. 
Urban Outfitters, Top Shop (cheap and satisfying stores), Armani, Cucinelli, and Gucci, classic and good quality stuff that are worth the price.

A designer you'd love to work with..
David Yurman, Hugo Boss, Calvin Klein and lots and lots more!

Describe your personal style..
Well, I am a bit of a hippie but with care, bohemian yet somehow classic. I think everyone looks for their own style, mine is a balance between comfort and elegance.

The Runways...

Which collections did you like the most this year? 

I always go for vintage stuff so the one that wins this year is my grandpa's one!! (laughs) no seriously I think “Mauro Grifoni” was really nice and of course “Reshò” that is one of my favorite.

Do you watch any fashion related shows on TV/Online, if so which?
Well to be honest I don’t spend that much time in front of the TV and when I do it is just to see cartoons (laughs)

Which fashion week is your favorite and why? 

I think I’d take Milan, it's one of the best but I actually never been at the NY one because it's always at the same time as Spain but I think I wouldn’t change Milan though.

What trend would you like to come back from the past?
Of course the 80’s! I love everything about the 80’s, starting from the CASIO style going to the LEVIS one and one can't forget that the 80’s are when the real Street Style was born! 

 I personally loved this photo-shoot for R2R and wanted to share them here, you can see the full shoot and more news and fashion looks on MDV's website click here & FB page click here

Collage & Comments by:Amal Ismail
Photos:courtesy of marianodivaio.com
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