07 May 2012

Loud Art AL-Khobar - Desert Designs & NTI Co.

I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of a show that is probably one of the most ground breaking art shows of my life, it was a small show room but with a bigger impact and substance than any art pieces that were at bigger halls, the walls/floors were stacked with paintings, graphics and graffiti that were all made in KSA &  neighboring Bahrain.The power plus the beauty of our generation's imagination is a force that can melt borders and years of misunderstanding. They are a youth that has worked on creating positive & constructive ideas through visually artistic materials, that is the proper way to deal with anything really..We congratulate Desert Designs & their partners for this event NTI.Co on this bold step into what seems as a gateway to a brighter future for the upcoming talents in the Kingdom's arts & fashion industry, thank you to the whole team who made this show possible and special thanks to Raneen Bukhari & Najla Al-Suhimi for welcoming me and having this idea that brought these great young minds all together in one place, you made it into a reality that they could share with the rest of us, hopefully this isn't gonna be the last time we see this kind of events.The show ends on May 11th so if you are in Al-Khobar make a quick trip to Desert Design and enjoy it while you can! 
Names of Artists:
Basma Felemban
Hussain Al-Muhsen
Ilham Al-Hattan 
Khalid Zahid
Maha Al-Sahhaf
Mona Al-Qahtani 
Noura Bouzo 
Zahra Al-Matrook
Sara Abdali 
Qabila Apparel

Photographed & Written by: 
Amal Ismail
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