27 May 2012

Oscar de la Renta | Resort 2013

These are my favorite ones, it was hard to choose from 57 beautiful creations..his work is outstanding as ever.

Comment & Collage by: Amal  Ismail
Photos: courtesy of oscar de la renta


22 May 2012

Festival De Cannes 2012 | The 65th Cannes Film Festival

As you all know Cannes Film Festival is the world's most prestigious and publicized film festival and one of the most anticipated fashion events during the year, everything about it is so glamorous and romantic starting from the location and ending at the joint events and its a personal favorite!This year is no different of course..Some of my last year's best dressed didn't do quite well this year at lest not at the beginning this is why I decided to give it a couple of days before deciding who is my favorite, Lets start...

My best dress of the opening night went to Eva Herzigova in Dolce & Gabbana. The dress was simply prefect and wearing The Chopard diamond necklace made in honor of the film festival's 'face', Marilyn Monroe, with her hair do made it "The Ultimate Glamorous Look"..

(1)Marchesa (2)Alberta Feretti Lace dess (3)Alberta Feretti white dress (4) Elie Saab jumpsuit
Eva made it to the top of the list but not just at the opening ceremony but during the event in general. The L'Oreal ambassador lived for her title and looked nothing less then stunning day & night. Although men fashion doesn't get enough coverage as much as I would like in Film Festivals there was some men who made it to the Treَ-Chic list Ewan McGregor, Bruce Willis, Korean actor Kwon Sang-woo and of course Jean Paul Gaultier were the only men to caught my eyes.

Ewan McGregor looked extra handsome in his Marni suit during the day and completed the look with a "to die for" shoes, a beautiful tie and sunglasses, and at night looked so sharp and chic in a tuxedo...BRAVO!

Bruce Willis looking handsome
Kwon Sang-woo looking chic and clean!

Jean Paul Guiltier

Fan Bin Bing was one of my favorites last year and this year she is also doing great, in fact she seems to insists on wearing a semi traditional gowns each and every year, for this year's opening ceremony she wore an embroidered Christopher Bu strapless gown(1) with emerald Chopard jewels and a green-and-gold Elie Saab clutch, and for the  L’Oreal Paris 15th Anniversary dinner  she wore a beautiful Valentino couture(2) which looked absloutly wonderful, and my personal favorite look was her Elie Saab dress(3) it was diffidently a showstopper!

Naomi Watts made a great appearance in a Marchesa gown and paired it with a Chopard white diamond collar necklace & a pair of white diamond drop earrings, she proves that all what you need is one time to make a fashion statement...WOW! 

Age is just a number if you're Jane Fonda. The 74 year actor looked smoking hot in all of her red carpet looks making hard for the young actress to compete! wither its Versace(1), a Reberto Cavalli(2) or a Stella McCartney(3), there is nothing that she can't pull off!

(1)Atelier Versace, (2)Michael Angel (3)Versace and (4)Paco Rabanne
Freida Pinto red carpet looks  

Written by: Hussa G. Altubbaji
Photos: courtesy of Getty and other various sites.

09 May 2012

Designer Update | DANEH Fashion

Earlier this year we introduce the amazing and talented Saudi designer Daneh Buahmad and her line DANEH fashion, and now we have great news for the residents of Alkhobar and the eastern province....

DANEH's new SS 2012 collection is available at Al-Swani - Rashid Mall.

DANEH @Alsawani - Rashid Mall, Alkhobar

DANEH's new line is what you can call a real summer collection its fresh and light, the cuts and the ruffles gives it a touch of glam, the fabrics completes the twist and gives it a simple young effect add amazing craftsmanship  and you got your summer favorite piece! but what really sets DANEH's Fashion apart from every other collection is the fact that you can wear it in many ways, morning or evening depends on your way and your accessories giving you a room to express your self through Fashion...

Check her collection below and choose your favorite!

In related news, DANEH Fashion recently participated in Alwan @Dar Al Funoon Gallery - Kuwait, and showed her amazing new collection..to read more about the event you can check Confashions From Kuwait.  

Daneh @Dar Al Funoon Gallery - Kuwait

Written by: Hussa G. Altubbaji
Photos: courtesy of DANEH Fashion

08 May 2012

Met Gala 2012 - Who I Liked

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s event or Met Gala is the "IT" event of the fashion year, last year's best dressed obviously made it this year too! I'm sooo in love with the dresses worn by Rihanna, Camilla Bell and Karolina Kurokva and Tom Ford is just heaven! I prefer to skip the talk about him & his fashion sense because I'll lose my credibility as a professional, I also like Prabal Gurung's look he's on my best list forever..Now, I will leave you guys to enjoy the rest of the photos and if you don't know the names of these people already "SHAME" on you and Click Here

Written by: Amal Ismail
Photos: courtesy of vogue.com

07 May 2012

Loud Art AL-Khobar - Desert Designs & NTI Co.

I had the pleasure of attending the opening night of a show that is probably one of the most ground breaking art shows of my life, it was a small show room but with a bigger impact and substance than any art pieces that were at bigger halls, the walls/floors were stacked with paintings, graphics and graffiti that were all made in KSA &  neighboring Bahrain.The power plus the beauty of our generation's imagination is a force that can melt borders and years of misunderstanding. They are a youth that has worked on creating positive & constructive ideas through visually artistic materials, that is the proper way to deal with anything really..We congratulate Desert Designs & their partners for this event NTI.Co on this bold step into what seems as a gateway to a brighter future for the upcoming talents in the Kingdom's arts & fashion industry, thank you to the whole team who made this show possible and special thanks to Raneen Bukhari & Najla Al-Suhimi for welcoming me and having this idea that brought these great young minds all together in one place, you made it into a reality that they could share with the rest of us, hopefully this isn't gonna be the last time we see this kind of events.The show ends on May 11th so if you are in Al-Khobar make a quick trip to Desert Design and enjoy it while you can! 
Names of Artists:
Basma Felemban
Hussain Al-Muhsen
Ilham Al-Hattan 
Khalid Zahid
Maha Al-Sahhaf
Mona Al-Qahtani 
Noura Bouzo 
Zahra Al-Matrook
Sara Abdali 
Qabila Apparel

Photographed & Written by: 
Amal Ismail
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