26 December 2011

Style Talk | Sausan Al-Kadi

Meet Sausan Al-Kadi, a  young fashion designer/stylist/ blogger and a true fashionista! When I first sat with her I was a bit worried of how the interview would go since she seemed to be quite the shy type at the beginning but as we progressed and started talking I've realized that she was a real genuine individual with an ambitious personality which has normally helped her dream of becoming a celebrity stylist and a middle eastern trendsetter. Despite her young age Sausan achieved some of her goals already but yet she still has much more ahead for her and we wish her all the best " we got your back girl lol". It was a fresh, absolute joyful and energizing interview-photoshoot, we had such a wonderful time, hope you guys enjoy this interview as much as we did...

Name: Sausan Al-Kadi
Nationality: Saudi 
Occupation: Fashion designer, blogger

How and when did you get interested in fashion? 
Ever since I got my 1st barbie, it was love from the first sight, by the time I was 8 years old I had already collected around 200 Barbies. It was all about waking up early every morning dressing them, styling them and polishing them up. I have also started shopping and choosing my everyday outfits ever since I started talking. I was such a rebel and wanted to do everything the way I wanted to, I'm still the same rebel I was 20 years ago.

Describe your personal style..
Feminine,Hipster,Vintage, Edgy & Daring

We know you are a fashion designer, tell us more about your brand, your muses, and how did you get started in this field?
Gossip Girl really made an impact in the fashion world, for me I wanted all the trends I saw in the show but having limited access to the brands in Saudi, I decided to start making some of the trends I saw. Who didn't fall over Blair's headbands back in time?  It all started there. 
*Her brand is called: Envy*


Who are your fashion icon/icons? 
Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen
Sarah Jessica Parker
Blake Lively
Nicole Richi
Olivia Palermo
Anna Dello Russo

Name your most favorite fashion brands..                  
Miu miu
Alexander McQueen
Christian Loubition

Name 3 shops you buy from religiously..
Urban Outfitters

A designer you consider your role-model?
Whiteny Port, felt like I was with her through out her whole journey ( The Hills , The City, Teen rouge , People's Revelotion, DVF, Glamour Magazine, Whitney Eve Line )

A designer you'd love to meet in person..
Karl Lagerfeild


Which collections did you like the most this year? 
Prada SS 12
Balmain SS 12
Dolce & Gabbana AW 12
Gucci AW 12

Do you watch any fashion related shows on tv/online, if so which? 
Gossip girl
Kell On Earth
The City
America's Next Top Model
Project Runway

Which fashion week is your favorite and why? 
Paris Fashion week
Milan Fashion week
All my fav designers

More about you...

What are your future projects & dreams? 
A multi up coming designer boutique, vintage store, look book blog and just being involved in any fashion opportunity I can seize.

What is currently on your iPod? 
Coldplay, Maroon 5, Rihanna, Bruno Mars..you name it

Name 3 fashion items you can't live without? 
Alexander Mc Queen skull scarf
Flower halo
A Giant purse

Where do you find those amazing "finds" you post on your tumbler
Mostly getting inspired from editorials in magazines, googling trends, blogs and of course reblogging.

Stay tuned for the 2nd part, a photoshoot of her favorite looks and more All these amazing items were collected by Sausan from various travels

Follow her on: http://sausanalkadi.tumblr.com/

Photos: ©Lamodarabia.com
Photographer: Mashael Al-Barjas
Photo-Editing: Mashael Al-Barjas & Amal Ismail
Set & Theme: Amal Ismail - Shoot Director: Hussa Al-Tubbaji
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