04 December 2011

Hangeul Designer | Lie Sang Bong SS 2012 at Paris Fashion Week

Not so long ago the brilliant Korean designer Lie Sang bong established his brand in Paris and became one of the anticipated designers in Paris Fashion week not just for the accuracy which Asian designers are known off but also for the boldness and edginess that he has in his designs, by combining his eastern routs in the form of "Hangeul" which is the Korean Calligraphy with the a western twist in the form of "Cubism and Bauhaus design" he created his own unique fab line.

Lie Sang bong

This collection has a wide color palette, full of beautiful flower prints and cuts so if you were a "flower girl" you will definitely fall for this, please notice the amazing socks and leggings I'm really praying for this trend to never fade away! 

Our Favorite Looks

Comments by Hussa G. Altubbaji
Photos: courtesy of flip-zone.com


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