03 November 2011

Real Colors Art Show 2011| معرض البيلسان الدولي الثالث

افتتح الدكتور محمد مسعد العبدالله معرض البيلسان الدولي الثالث "Real Colors 3
Saudi Channel 1 Interviewing Artist Seham Mugadam

Artists Ahmed Emam & Teresa Lacourt Scharf
Photo by Reem Bobshayt
Slide Show Presentation of Artists
Art of Print Making, very old way of printing out art work using only ink and a presser, this is how they used to do it before we had digital printers..btw,"I will never complain about a slow printer"
These two pencil drawings caught my attention <3

Real Colors Art show & Mentor For Fine Arts Project 1-2 were a remarkable success this year, I've been involved with the previous shows but this year was different. Honorary guests were Artist Abbas Al-Mosawi, Ayish Tahimir, Ahmed Emam, Abderrazark Hamouda, Muntasir AlHamdan and S.B. Kim. There were about 88 International/National artists & photographers who have participated in the show such as Larry Carumba and Teresa Lacourt Scharf, Todd Drake, Yasmina Rossi , Steve Evans, Jay Hess, Klaus de Groote, Herman Cater and Linda Nichols, Hanene Saidi and Richard Hall, It will take me a long time to mention all the great work I've seen so I will stop here.. The show didn't only have famous artist, there was a chance for young artists and photographers from many countries and different age groups to show everyone what they've got to offer to the future art scene. I believe that these types of art shows will help us connect more with the beautiful international & multicultural community that live with us here in the kingdom and also project our openness towards them, this will most definitely help the Tourism Sector and bring  more events to the city. Albaylasan Art Studio's team have made the Real Colors Show such a memorable experience for all of us, a big thank you to everyone that helped this project come to life, the volunteers who've worked relentlessly and AlBaylasan family guided by it's Manager Sameera Ismail.

*تحت رعاية رئيس مجلس السياحة بالمنطقة الشرقية سمو الأمير عبدالعزيز بن فهد بن عبدالله بن محمد ال سعود، افتتح الدكتور محمد مسعد العبدالله معرض البيلسان الدولي الثالث "Real Colors 3 " مساءالسبت الموافق 29 اكتوبر 2011م - 2 ذو الحجه 1432هـ، في تمام الساعة 07,30 مساء وبمشاركة العديد من الفنانين التشكيليين والفوتوغرافيين والأطفال ، عددهم 88 فناناً وضم 266 عملاً.*

Article by: Amal Ismail
Photos: courtesy of Albaylasan Art Studio & Team, Lamodarabia
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