23 November 2011

Brand Review: Alert! Vintage Lovers | Wildfox Couture Is The One

I know that there are many vintage lovers out there and I feel like we haven't covered any brands that deal with vintage clothing or items much so I've decided to choose the best brand out there to shed some light on. WILDFOX COUTURE has stuff you can wear that will make you look 5 times fab whether you are a vintage fan or not, personally I love to mix vintage with modern/bold items because that's basically how I am fashion-wise "classic&modern fusion" so without any further delay her's the 2 genius friends who made this brand available to all of us..I've seen all their collections and I must say the most one I loved was their Spring 2011, also that photo-shoot was the bomb! so I've included it in this post.

About:" WILDFOX COUTURE is an American Vintage-inspired  women's knitwear brand. Combining great style and unsurpassed quality, Wildfox  has quickly gained a following amongst celebrities, trendsetters and top retailers worldwide. Childhood friends Emily Faulstich and Kimberley Gordon are the creative force behind Wildfox. Inspired by sleepovers, beautiful   books, fairies, dreams, vintage t-shirts and their friendship, the young  designers gave birth to a brand based on love and having fun! Things had gotten   too serious in the world of fashion, and it was time for a change. They created their t-shirts for every person, soft, baggy, bright and fun." 

Written by: Amal Ismail
Photos: courtesy of wildfoxcouture
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