10 October 2011

When H&M Met Versace | Sneek Peek Of What To Expect

I remember the 1st day I heard about this collabration, I went over the moon for the simple thought that these two giants would be working together to produce yet again "Luxury To The Everyday Person" only because I personally dream of a day where everyone would wake up in the morning and dress like a million bucks, why? because I believe that everyone owes that amount of money to themselves and let's face it, that does save me a lot of eyesight pain caused by the amount of  casual wearing people! Anyhow, I don't know if H&M has this make-over plan "as I do" for the world but introducing the big guns in fashion to the masses is a great way to show everyone how well a clothing item/shoes & accessories can/could be made or worn. Now,  we all know that one must take styling tips from the masters, yeah? well, this time it's from Versace which is the equivilant to: uber-glam and sensual fab guaranteed all year long. The fashion house is still rocking all thanks to the ever lasting glamour empress Donatella who knows how to bring out that edge out of everyone and always with style.. I'm wondering about the campaign video now! Ohh, I remember how amazing The Lanvin/H&M one was!! Will keep you guys posted always about the new H&M collabs and news so stay tuned ;)

Written by: Amal Ismail
Photos: courtesy of H&M
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