20 October 2011

Style Talk: Elham

Name? Elham
Nationality? Saudi, originally "Turkish"
Occupation? Student "Marketing & Business Administration"
How and when did you get interested in fashion? 
Ever since I was "yay high" I was lucky enough to have a mom that had an extinguished fashion sense that had a huge impact on mine.
Describe your personal style..
Courageous, spontaneous, confident anything that stands out and is dramatic in some-way I have a fetish for experimenting, not into a specific fashion style whether its hipster, rocker, chic all is intriguing to me..I highly respect bold spirited people such as Gaga who aren't intimidated by others opinions. I have one modo that I go by “Never hold back-in fashion & life" - Oscar de la Renta.

More Question:
Who are your fashion icon/icons? 
Gaga, Elizabeth Taylor, The Olsen Twins.                    
Name your most favorite fashion brands..                  Alexander Mcqueen, Lanvin, Chanel, Valentino.
Name 3 shops you buy from religiously.. 
Urban Outfitters, Topshop, H&M.
What is currently on your iPod? 
Armin, Natalli Kills, Ela Rose, Auburn..
Name 3 fashion items you can't live without? 
Headpieces, Rings, Leather and Black.
A designer you'd love to meet in person..
Chanel, may she RIP.
Which collections did you like the most this year? 
S Monique Lhuillier, S/S Joe Challita, Mohammed Ashi, F/W Givenchy.
Do you watch any fashion related shows on tv/online, if so which? 
Victoria Secrets yearly fashion show is a must, browsing fashionTV from time to time.
Which fashion week is your favorite and why? 
Paris Fashion Week, with all its fascinating high end designers combined together it's one thrilling innovation.
What are your future projects & dreams? 
Now I’m just focusing on earning my bachelors, later anything evolving fashion and social activity that I’m always interested in, hopefully get to see the world while I'm at it and actually make a change.

"Preparations: clothes, accessories & shoes for the shoot, Elham's favorite items and ours picks
for the promotional cover"
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