04 September 2011

Style Talk | Hommam Arbi

 T-shirt: BershkaBlazer: Paul SmithGlasses: H&M
White Jeans: ZARA

Name? Hommam Arbi 
Nationality ? Originally libyan
Occupation? Graphic Design student 
How and when did you get interested in fashion?
Fashion is something I liked and got attracted to since I was a child , well my mom used to spend loads of time dressing me and my brother to look our best and I guess I took it from there. I always got attracted to store windows, brand names, the designers behind them and I also used to steal my mother's magazines to view the clothes and editorials,  I used to save allowance and lunch money my parents give me to go and buy the shirt or shoes I liked . and this is where all started.  

Describe your personal style.. I don't follow a steady style,  I'm a Gemini and we are so moody in addition I like to try new stuff so today I will dress casual , tomorrow I will be Geek Chic and the day after Rock 'n' Roll, everyday is different.  
Are there any fashion icons or famous person whose style you admire?
Well this is a bit Hard but currently I like David Gandy , Marc Jacobs and Joe Jonas.

F For Fashion...

What made you start F For fashion? and what does the "F" stand for?
I started FForFashion.net to share my passion for fashion  as well as my thoughts , opinions with readers and followers who share the same interest. I wanted a catchy and easy name so everyone will remember so I had the idea of the alphabet and what each alpha stands for  ex: "A" for an Apple , "B" for Boy ...etc so I thought why not have the letter "F" stands for Fashion. and this it F:For Fashion.
If we asked you to introduce your blog to our readers what would you say? A Blog that covers everything from the Fashion industry  from a  personal point of view .    
Which collections did you like the most this year?
For men: D&G and Roberto Cavalli  S/S 2012 from milan's fashion week the prints and colours just amazing ! and for Ladies I liked Versace "I liked the golden touch ", Elie Saab " He's always a surprise,  definitely one of my favorite designers and proud he's an Arab " and Emilio Pucci " always knows what's best for women" - Fall 2011
Which fashion week is your favorite and why?
I love Milan's Fashion week because all of my favorite designers are there and it's one of the biggest and awaited fashion weeks , I also love Paris Fashion week .


What’s currently on your iPod?
I love music , and I have almost every artist and song , but me favourite are Beyonce , Adele, Rihanna , Maroon5 , The Wanted , Chris Brown and a bit of GAGA . 
Name three  fashion items you can’t live without..
Denim , Jackets and shoes 
What are your future dreams/projects?
For now I'm focusing on my blog and finishing my studies , and see where this will take me . future dreams "mmm" work as a stylist for one of the magazines or start my own magazine "hahah thanks to God dreams are free ".

Shirt: HE by Mango | Coloured Jeans:  ZARA Belt: Louis Vuitton | Moccasin with Bow: Massimo Dutti | Sunglasses:  Ray-Ban Brown Wayfarer Watch: GC “sport class chrono”

For more information about Hommam pay a visit to his personal fashion website:
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