21 September 2011

Brand Alert& Interview | Berence - Polo Wear

Designer Tarik Adam

Q When did you realize that having your own fashion brand was important to you?
When I was a kid I used to borrow my father's clothing from his wardrobe, I wanted to have his elegance and still do! hence at the age of 13 I decided to create a brand that would mix my father's elegance with modern fashion. At the beginning I wanted the brand to have my name and call it ADAM.T then BERENCE inspired me so I adopted it.
Q What's the story behind the name of your brand "Berence"?
Well, It is quite complicated but to make it short, part is a small town in Africa where my father grew up (BER) and the other part is the end of the word elegance (ANCE -ENCE).
Q Why did you choose to do Polo Wear ?
Because Polo is the only piece of clothes that can be worn for sports, casual and for more elegant occasion.  
Q How did you feel when you saw your first collection out? also how did you feel when you opened your 1st store?
I was completely out of my mind and it was a disaster. I was studying and was launching at the same time my first polo collection which was entirely made in Paris,  as I was a complete novice/debutant, manufacturer and other service providers drove me crazy with negotiations, quality check etc... Hence, yes, I have learnt a lot from that experience but as well, had a collection that was 6 months late than what we usually do for selling a collection.
Q What were your inspirations for your last collection?
I would say from my parents mixed heritage to Switzerland, as my father is from Sudan and my mother is from india. I like to put a bit of colors, the natural with a bit of spice mixed to the conventional, the classic elegance from where I have grown up, Switzerland.
Q You live in Geneva, what is the most inspirational place for you in the city?
Geneva is a small town and as a "Geneva Boy" I like every single part of the town but I would say the most inspirational place in the city would be in the countryside of town, where we used to ride horses, enjoy the mountains around us and chill. 
Q Where would you want to see your brand go " which cities or countries"?
I think BERENCE can fit in every country in the world. We are already working with countries like the UK, France, Germany and Italy and we will soon start our communications with Spain and Scandinavian countries but I think Middle Eastern countries can be a good start after Europe, cities Like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah would be interesting places to continue our growth.
Q A dream fashion show, where and with who (model)?
Since I love horses and polo, I think doing a fashion show in stables where people would sit in the horse box, while the catwalk could be the corridor in front of them.. as for models, James Dean, young Marlon Brando, young Sean Connery, Roger Moore, etc... just kidding! As we haven't launched yet our female collection, I never had the time to see which female model would categorize the brand. For men we used to work with Lucien Thomkins and I have liked very much what he can give and how he can be in front of a camera. 

Now About You...

A favorite designer?
Ralph Lauren! 
Your favorite city to for shopping?
Who is your fashion icon/ muse?
My Fiancée Alexandra.
What advices would you give to anyone who wants to do a Polo oriented label?
Be patient, be tenacious and find a good printer.
How do you see your brand in 5 years?
With a normal growth in every continent of the globe. 
How would you describe yourself?
Fun, creative, ambitious!
The clothes in which you feel most like yourself?
A BERENCE polo Shirt. 
And for glamor evenings?
a Morning dress or Smoking.
The first thing you do in the morning?
Check my emails, drink coffee.
The last thing you do at night?
Check my emails, drink tea.
Do you still have the same friends?
Depends from when, since I have started my friends were a lot supportive and they still are. 
What's your favorite holiday destination & why?
There are many, depending on which mood I am. I love Marrakech for having a rest and to stay with my finance, going horseback riding in the desert and eating Tajines. St-tropez is where we usually go for small week ends as it is 4h by car from Geneva, it is nice for parties or just chilling near the pool...

Many thanks to Designer Tarik Adam for answering all of our questions so vigorously, It's always so inspiring to read about how designers 1st start building their dream & looking for ways to transfer them one day into reality.. hope you all enjoyed reading about this brand as much as we did and to all of you specially the horse riders/polo playing readers! make sure to look for it and purchase some Berence soon..

Article by: Amal Ismail
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